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Whether you are a birth parent seeking to place your child for adoption as an alternative to abortion or an adoptive family seeking adoption, our Nationwide Adoption Agency is here to guide you through every step of the adoption process. Our professional and caring private adoption agency feels that educating our clients is a crucial part of making the adoption process run smoothly for all involved.

Building Blocks Adoption Service Inc. ( is a State of Ohio Adoption Agency. Our Adoption Agency is licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Job and Family Service as a custodial adoption agency. Building Blocks Adoption assists prospective adoptive families residing Nationwide with seeking to adopt a child.

Services and information

  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

After deciding to foster, make sure your household members are on board with what will be a life-changing decision to foster. Then, educate yourself about Ohio's requirements for foster parents. Applicants who want to foster or adopt in Ohio must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Live in a safe and stable home
  • Meet home safety requirements
  • Clear a background check with fingerprinting
  • Provide at least three character references
  • Provide ample space for a foster child in their house or apartment
  • Attend foster parent orientation
  • Take part in required hours of foster parent training
  • Maintain financially stability
  • Prove good health
  • Complete the Home Study process

To apply or ensure you meet the prerequisites, there are two primary Ohio state resources. Contact the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) or a local Public Children's Service Agency (PCSAs).

If you are ready to learn more, contact a local child-placing agency to schedule foster parent information orientation. At orientation, aspiring foster parents learn more about foster parenting responsibilities, navigating the foster system, and the foster application process. If you have questions, orientation is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and meet other potential foster families.

Administrative paperwork can take some time to complete, but having everything prepared will ensure it goes smoothly. It will help the process move along if you gather financial documents ahead of time. These include tax filings and paystubs, which you will need to show as proof of financial stability.

Foster parents in Ohio must also attend 24 hours of pre-service foster parent training. This training teaches foster families about the trauma experienced by all foster children. It also covers how to provide general and specialized care to foster children.

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4.6 / 5
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Katie Robincheck
May 09, 2023

Building Blocks has been nothing shy of professional, attentive, helpful and instrumental in helping us to find our miracle baby. I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone interested in adoption. Expectations are clear, and communication was top notch the entire process. Any questions or concerns we had were answered within a very timely
manner, and never once have we felt misled, or out of the loop with what BB was working on to help us. It’s an emotional process and we felt they cared and were kind throughout it all! Thank you BB!!!! We are thrilled to have grown our family through your help!

Rating: 5

Elizabeth Joe
May 06, 2023

We had quite the adoption journey, but Building Blocks was with us through it all. I can't say enough kind words about Rachel, Becky, and everyone that we dealt with in the process of getting our son. The warmth that Rachel has, not just for the adoptive families, but for the birthmothers is truly remarkable. Our social worker, Becky, feels like one of the family at this point. When we had our disappointments, everyone was kind and compassionate.
Calls and emails are quickly returned and everyone in the office does their best to make a difficult process as easy as it can be. Having dealt with another agency that was not this nice and hearing about a friend's experience with a different agency, I am so glad we chose BBAS

Rating: 5

Brynne Artim
May 03, 2023

Building Blocks Adoption Services is the reason we have our sweet little boy! Our social worker, Karen, has been the most amazing support since our first day of this journey. She is reliable, responsive, organized, kind, and compassionate. Karen helped us every step of the way through our home study and beyond. We couldn't have asked for a better social worker to hold our hand through such an emotional process. Denise made sure we had all of our questions answered in a timely manner. She gave us her full attention and provided us with encouraging guidance when we needed it most. Denise's experience gave us confidence, and we couldn't be more grateful! Building Blocks did their best to make sure everything went smoothly, and we feel so very blessed.

Rating: 5

Sarah Van Nostrand
May 03, 2023

We adopted through Building Blocks Adoption Service, they processed our entire adoption from beginning to end and now we are a happy family of three. The social worker who completed our homestudy was caring and professional and we loved working with her. The process was simple to complete and completely laid out for us. Communication, professionalism, and care are what you will receive when working with BBAS. BBAS met our birthmother often, they provided her with much support and respect and helped her navigate a complex situation. We love our birth mom, she is so lovely and sweet, she will always be part of our daughter’s birth story.

Rating: 5

Haley H
Dec 14, 2022

They treat the birth mothers like livestock. We went here when I was pregnant and they kept trying to get me induced prematurely to get the baby out and with the adoption family quicker. The social worker and the midwife this place hired was caught talking bad about us while we were in the delivery room. Saying things like "this baby needs to be born already so we can get on with our lives" my sisters were sitting in the waiting room and they overheard their conversation and reported it to us later. The adoption family we picked took our son home for a night and after thinking about all of the nasty things we went through with this place we decided not to adopt him out. So we called the social worker and told her we wanted our son back. Next day we go to pickup our son at the Building Blocks office and we are greeted with nasty looks and rude remarks from all of the staff in the office. The owner of the organization had the nerve to throw our newborn son into my arms, after almost dropping him, she proceeded to tell me that "you should be ashamed of yourself" and then she kept trying to guilt trip me by keeping the adoptive family in the room next door. On our way out we were then harassed by the attorney of the practice following us out the door trying to give us his information to adopt our son out again. The social worker than contacted us afterwards and proceeded to inform us that the adoptive family and building blocks were spreading rumors stating that we were never planning to adopt out in the first place. We would've adopted out had this place not been so nasty to us and fake. This place treated me like I was nothing more then an incubator from start to finish. I do not recommend.

Rating: 1