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Adoption: Serving the adoption community for over 75 years

Domestic Infant Home studies: for the adoption of infants within the United States
Waiting Child home studies: for the adoption of older children waiting in foster care

Connections: Confidential, intermediary search and reunion services for adoptees and biological family members
Individual and family counseling
Facilitation of contact agreements between adoptive families and birth families
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Care About Childcare: Promoting quality environments for children through education & support
Grandfamilies & Kinship Care: Education and support for grandparents and others in kinship parenting roles
Home Visitation: Empowering parents to be their child's first and most influential teacher

Adoption | Kinship | Childcare Support

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  • Kinship / Relative Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Utah families receive monthly foster care payments to help offset the costs of raising a child. This stipend is meant for room and board, clothing, and related expenses.

The amount you receive varies based on a child's age and needs. Children that require more attention and care have slightly higher rates.

Foster youth have their medical and dental needs covered through Medicaid. This insurance should be enough for any doctor's visits, therapy sessions, dental exams, etc. Foster children also qualify for free school lunches.

Utah parents can take advantage of mentorship programs that allow them to learn from more experienced foster families. It's an excellent way to connect with others and build a support network. Plus, you'll have someone else to turn to if you have questions.

Utah Kids Belong has an app that gives foster parents access to special discounts from foster-friendly businesses. It's also an easy way to connect with faith-based communities, which may offer other types of support.

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Aug 04, 2023

On the surface working here looks good, until you see how management truly works. Just because it’s “nonprofit” doesn’t mean it’s a healthy work environment. The fact there’s no HR is a big problem, unless you’re related to the boss. Nepotism is an issue.

The older lady running things is all about control and trying to keep things “shiny and happy” on the surface, but it’s not. Her control and favoritism is gross.

The child care program, Building Blocks, is not a good environment. Employees can leave their kids there for free. If they saw how they are left to cry, the biting, how dirty toys are, and saw their kids are not played with, etc., they’d run.

This company also is run with old school, archaic ways. It’s a joke on all levels.

Rating: 1

Kovan Rose
Feb 22, 2023

Not many adoptee voices here that I can see. So, here I am. I was adopted through this place and am now 30. My adoptive parents completely disowned me and haven't spoken to me in about 5 years. I was adopted at birth and I was not the "clean slate" they were promised. I don't blame the children's society. What bothers me about this is that they are only focused on the parents and persons giving up children for adoption. NOT the children themselves.
More needs to be done so this is about the child, not if your child "fits" in to your family. That child, is a person who will think for themselves. Like it or not, majority of people don't think that way.
Our voices.
Check out Adoptees On on Spotify. If you think you can handle more than 3 episodes.

Rating: 1

Selea Kerr
Mar 23, 2022

Great staff!

Rating: 5

Anna Bateman
Apr 10, 2021

Amazing staff and a wonderful program

Rating: 5

Ali P
Oct 17, 2019

I can't speak highly enough of this program. GrandFamilies has been the biggest help. Everyone is so easy to work with and proactive about getting to know me and my situation. They've gone above and beyond for us.

Rating: 5