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The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is a comprehensive, not-for-profit social service agency. Our agency provides strength-based, family-centered, trauma-responsive services to youth and families in need throughout Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa.

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is the largest provider of Foster Care Services in Central Illinois, with offices in Bloomington, Champaign, Danville, Galesburg, Peoria, LaSalle, Lincoln, Springfield, Macomb and Rock Island. The overall goal of the CYFS child welfare program is to keep kids safe and support families to resolve challenges so they can be healthy, stable, and safe. CYFS provides collaborative, strength-based, client-focused, clinical and casework services.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Other

Requirements to become a foster parent

You must meet minimum requirements to provide foster care for children in Illinois. To become a foster parent, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Attend foster parent orientation
  • Pass a background check
  • Finish 30 hours of foster parent training
  • Complete the Home Study
  • Provide at least three references
  • Clear a physical exam
  • Maintain financial stability

Foster families must be able to provide a safe and comfortable home for a child. You must provide room for the child to have a bed and enough space for personal belongings.

Foster parents do not need to be married or have a partner. However, if married, couples must show a stable marriage of at least one year before they can foster a child in Illinois.

Foster parents need to meet a child's basic care needs, such as providing meals and clothing. Foster families must also support a foster child's education and assist them in developing social skills.

Contact the DCFS or a local licensed child-placing agency to learn more or begin the fostering approval process.

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Vanessa Lolling
Nov 09, 2022

This one star is more rating than that deserve! This place and Rock Island center stacks piddly stuff against you and make you think they are going to give you time to fix it cause the child is comfortable with you and happy. Then show up a week later and tell you that they are taking her away. What kind of selfish a-holes does that to a child!? Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!

Rating: 1

Zack Teague
Aug 16, 2022

Across the state children are taken from parents a majority of the time for "allegation 60". Described by the Illinois Supreme Court as the "catch all" allegation. When the DCFS takes children into custody a place like the center for youth and family solutions starts making money by providing services for which they receive reimbursements.
These places are full of well intentions but do not solve the problematic conditions of generational dysfunction, that leads to allegation 60.

Rating: 1

Mellisa Snyder
Apr 05, 2022

I am a foster parent of a wonderful boy and I am absolutely furious at the lack of communication this agency has had with me. They have been late to almost every single pick up time scheduled making my sons and myself late for work and school. They have not paid for his daycare expenses nor his medical expenses. My concerns are never addressed nobody answered the on call phone when there was an emergency. When a new caseworker was assigned to the case we didn’t have any communication for almost a month. They are rude and have hung up on the phone in the middle of conversations several times. They offered to take the child’s mom to her court date and not only did they not show to pick her up they didn’t even show up for the court date. They took the child’s car seat and would not return it. The caseworker would not answer calls or text messages as usual of me telling them how important it was for them to pick him up on time because I needed to be to work on time and let her know if they did not I would be taking him to a sitter and she literally threatened to call the police on me twice. Lora Thompson then decided she didn’t want to drive him back after his visit so she left him with his mother who was unprepared and had not had a overnight visit in a year and a half and no babysitter set up for her work hours forcing him to be left with a stranger that was not even questioned to see if it was a safe environment for three nights she refused to communicate with me and because I complained about it she ripped him out of my safe happy home the only home he knows and put him in another foster home without even give time to gather all his belongings and has not communicated with me since. I will be pursuing the issue further!!

Rating: 1

Ms Me
Jan 25, 2022

We have been scrutinized by this unprofessional, ignorant and money hungry agency for almost 3 years. Their turnover is daily, we are on social worker number 10 and they don't try to get anything done. Each one was a disaster and has no idea how to work with a family. Still listening to the excuses they make up and still being put thru the wringer .... and we are the fosters.

Rating: 1

Dec 05, 2021

Two many reasons I could go for days but I hope they get some better staff because this place is horrible and they don’t care about family.

Rating: 1