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We are a licensed adoption agency in South Carolina, certified to receive children for placement in family homes with a view toward domestic adoption; to provide adoptive services and/or serve as a referral agency; consulting; and, to provide foster home and adoptive assessments, and training. It is our privilege to serve in this amazing, adventurous, miracle world of adoption! Hope Embraced helps with matching adoptive families with women facing pregnancy with circumstances that have led them to choose adoption. The agency also helps in situations of “Identified” or “Designated” adoptions. This is where a family comes to us with a birth mom they have already matched with on their own. Hope Embraced provides adoption support services of counseling, guidance, and the paperwork necessary for all parties. Hope Embraced also provides information for legal representation and resources for the home study and profile if needed. Hope Embraced does home studies for SC families doing domestic adoption, embryo adoptions, and/or surrogacy adoptions.

Services and information

  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Foster parents receive financial support in the form of a monthly board rate. Foster children also receive a clothing allowance, and their medical needs are covered through Medicaid.

In addition to the support you receive from your local DHS or foster care agency, there are other programs and resources available to parents.

The South Carolina Foster Parent Association offers free training to foster parents and kinship caregivers. You can find information on the latest laws and events as well. Plus, you gain access to valuable resources such as informational articles, contact information for professionals, etc.

The SC Foster Parent Association also allows foster families to connect with one another and share advice. You can find local association meetings in your area on their website.

The program Heartfelt Calling's mission is recruiting and supporting foster and adoptive families. Parents can learn more about the system, start the application process, register for orientation, find webinars, and more.

Foster parents that care for children in DSS custody receive reimbursement for related costs. These monthly foster care payments are meant to meet a child's basic care needs.

The most recent board rates are on the South Carolina Department of Social Services website. Payments may vary depending on a child's age and special needs.

Here are the basics;

Board Rates for Regular Foster Homes

Effective July 1, 2023

  • Regular Foster Care - Age 0-5
    • Monthly Rate - $644.00
    • Daily Rate - $21.47
  • Regular Foster Care - Age 6-12
    • Monthly Rate - $752.00
    • Daily Rate - $25.07
  • Regular Foster Care - Age 13-20
    • Monthly Rate - $794.00
    • Daily Rate - $26.47

Ratings and Reviews

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4.7 / 5
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Erin Solis
Aug 29, 2023

From the moment my husband and I decided to embark on the beautiful journey of adoption, we were filled with excitement, hope, and a touch of apprehension. Little did we know that our experience with Jeanna and Janna with Hope Embraced would not only alleviate any concerns but also make our journey truly remarkable. Every step of the way, they proved to be incredible partners, demonstrating unwavering support, professionalism, and compassion that exceeded our expectations. Jeanna and Janna are more than just professionals; they are caring individuals who understand the profound emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the adoption journey. They recognized that adoption involves not only paperwork and logistics but also a deep emotional connection. Their ability to address our concerns, fears, and hopes was truly commendable. They provided us with a safe space to share our feelings and never rushed us through any step of the process. The emotional support we received from Jeanna and Janna was invaluable. Adoption is a journey filled with highs and lows, and they were right there with us, offering encouragement and understanding during moments of uncertainty. In conclusion, our experience with Jeanna and Janna was nothing short of exceptional. Their genuine kindness, empathy, and commitment transformed what could have been a daunting journey into a heartwarming and unforgettable experience. We are forever grateful to them for helping us realize our dream of becoming parents and for guiding us through the emotional intricacies of adoption. If you are considering adoption, we wholeheartedly recommend Hope Embraced as an agency that not only facilitates the process but also embraces you with open arms throughout the entire journey.

Rating: 5

Tina Rangel Sandoval
May 03, 2023

I would give 1 million stars if I could! Hands-down! Jeanna is the sweetest person that my husband and I have come across during our adoption process. We did not sign on with this agency, but we did have our home study completed with Jeanna. After coming from a very, very bad situation from another local agency and losing ALOT of money! Out of all the places we called to get us back on the right track. Jeanna from the very beginning listen to our story and heard our concerns. And she got us in the right direction. I am so grateful that we cross paths with this woman! I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is pursuing adoption!

Rating: 5

Janna Briggs
Dec 05, 2022

Full transparency, I worked for Hope Embraced many years ago when they were consultants, and then I even came back to work with them a few years ago. My perspective is probably bias, but it’s also genuine and with behind the scenes knowledge. Jeanna (Mike) created this agency with a labor of love. Quite honestly, it’s more of a ministry to them then anything else. I don’t believe there is a single hour in the 24 hour day when I haven’t seen Jeanna working tirelessly pouring her heart and soul into every single person that she works with and for. Many tears are shed. Many more prayers are whispered. I myself tend to be more boundary oriented, and know when I need to shut things off and walk away. I know beyond any doubt that those we work with can call day or night years after their adoptions are completed and she will drop everything to be whatever it is needed at that time. If there’s something negative posted, I would encourage you to ask the other side of the story. I am beyond proud to work for Hope Embraced. I consider it an honor and privilege to minster along side Jeanna to both expectant moms as well as adoptive families.

Rating: 5

Alysha Merlino
Dec 05, 2022

Hope Embraced is an amazing and loving Adoption Agency! Jeanna and Janna pour their hearts into their birth moms and clients and you can be sure you will be a priority if you sign up with them!

Rating: 5

Nicola Baker
Dec 04, 2022

A couple years ago I was going through a really tough time while pregnant mentally emotionally and sometimes physically however I came across hope embraced Facebook page I reached out and Ms.Jeanne Ms.Janna contacted the next day they both were really sweet they wanted to know what brought here I explained to them my situation how I wanted to do what was best for my unborn I wanted to give Jenesis the opportunities I’ve never had as well as blessing a mom who had no children. Throughout my entire pregnancy Jeanne was right there from doctors appointments to counseling whatever it is I needed she helped. Jeanne also has her own adoption story and she’s so relatable which made me more at ease. Not everyone knows what’s best for you only you so make the decision for yourself don’t allow family and friends to make you feel like you’re making the wrong decision it’s your Choice. I still keep in contact with my daughter I’m able to see her and still bond with her. I’ve literally gained a family forever through hope embraced adoption.

Rating: 5