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TLC Child and Family Services supports vulnerable youth and families during their greatest time of need by offering a continuum of evidence based treatment and relationship-focused care. We are a non-profit organization that serves over 250 youth and families a day in Northern California.In Sonoma County alone, there are 50+ children each day who need homes, sometimes for a few days and sometimes forever. Most just need a temporary haven while their parents get help coping with the issues that created an unstable home. Some may eventually need a new forever family.
Our mission is to help you help children in need by becoming a resource parent (foster parent). We welcome single adults, couples, empty-nesters, renters, homeowners, self-employed, and retirees. Our agency and staff fully support and have a national Innovator Seal exhibiting excellence working specifically with the LGBTQI community and people from all backgrounds.
How children are treated in our community will shape their lives. We need to show them kindness and give them hope in their futures. By caring for a local foster child, resource parents enrich not only the child’s life, but their own.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized / Therapeutic Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Many do not realize the need for new resource families in California. The number of foster kids outnumber the foster families who can provide short or long-term care. Foster advocates work hard to find places for these children, but it is not easy.

The latest 2021 report from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) report in California says there are:

  • 47,871 kids in California's foster care system
  • 22,892 who entered foster care
  • 15,386 foster kids awaiting adoption
  • California foster kids across all ages, with a median of 8 years
  • 33% whose foster child case plans include adoption

A child's median time in the California foster care system is over a year at 16.8 months. 13% spend 3-4 years in foster care.

California needs foster parents to take in multiple children if they have the time and energy to care for them. Sibling groups often need care, and it is essential to support these family bonds. In California, it is challenging to find homes for teenagers, though they need stable environments and reliable adults to support them.

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Ed Pytel
Dec 19, 2020

Caring staff; my child is progressing with TLC

Rating: 4

Sebastian Sage
Oct 29, 2019

If i could rate it 0 stars i would. It didnt help my friend who went. And ive only ever heard bad things about it. Arent you supposed to help kids?

Rating: 1

Sue VanHattum
Oct 05, 2018

My son's biggest problem was his explosive anger. He went to TLC for that reason. The first time he exploded, they put a felony charge on him. (He broke a lot of stuff. He did not hurt anyone.) I wish there were some way to call them on that. I haven't found one.

He went to another residential treatment center a month later, stayed there for 10 months, and has now been home for over a year. He is doing much better.

Rating: 1