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Our philosophy on being a foster parent with Good Hearts is that we want to strive to be the best for the children in our care. We believe that foster parents apply, to have the title of “parents”, not “caregivers”. Being a parent to a foster child who comes into a foster home does not eliminate the foster child’s need for a family’s love. Good Hearts will assist foster parents to become good “parents” to the children in their care and encourage them to have the same attitude as if the foster children were their own.

Good Hearts’ foster parents will work with children and allow them to grasp life as a child who is loved by their parents. They will look and feel as though they belong to a natural birth family. The foster parent will want to have the child in their home not for the value in which the child can bring into the home, but for the value the parent can instill into the child.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Adults who are new to the fostering process sometimes feel overwhelmed and wonder if they will have support on their journey. Your child-placing agency is the first resource. Social services caseworkers provide aspiring foster parents with various types of support and connections. These include free educational training programs, helplines, and support groups.

It is important that foster parents build their individual support network, too. Connecting with other foster families with more experience is an excellent place to begin. Texas groups offer foster parent meetups; you can search online for the closest one.

The Texas Foster Family Association provides state training, a regional directory of support services, a summer training conference, and more. Membership benefits include getting access to foster care professionals and learning more about ways to become better caregivers. Children of TFFA members can also get assistance through the Scholarship Fund.

Austin Angels is another support organization that strives to assist foster parents and Texas foster children. They offer care packages and gifts for foster children and their caregivers, mentorship options, and education, among other resources. Foster children and teens can learn valuable skills that help prepare them for independent living, as well.

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Gigi Highness
Apr 17, 2019

Not good service at all. Boring orientation 😴. If you are new to the process and terminologies are foreign. They need to explain better and follow up. Employees bring kids to work and although this is all about children it is just not a professional or motivating environment for getting certified. I went there excited but left worried and concerned and oblivious.😮

Rating: 1

Houston Property
Apr 27, 2018

Very poor agency. They seem to have a high turn over rate and new people answering the phone. They wrote me a letter stating they are closing my file after 6 month all because a new girl who admitted it wasn't her department gave me general information when I mentioned she must be new. It is very difficult to get in contact with anyone here they have little interaction with you unless you are constantly calling them. If that person you are working with is not there then you have to wait until they return to get your answers taken care of and still no call back. They rarely answer email either. I have emailed Mercedes several times. Not sure if she is even there now but you get general information and no follow-up. Also, another agency I went through was requiring more info which makes me wonder if they are following all of the right processes here for Adoption. Not sure how this company survives. They are very laxed in doing adoption business with you. My case worker keeps asking me what are they doing for me to get me to the home study and the answer is always nothing.

Rating: 1