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If you’re planning to provide a safe and nurturing home to children whose parents are unable to care for them, you’ve come to the right place. Ascension Child and Family Services is a child placing agency in Houston, TX that focuses on providing training support and development to foster homes.

At Ascension Child and Family Services Agency, our goal is to provide individualized professional, nurturing care to children in need. We also aim to create an environment that nurtures each child's self-reliance, increases self-confidence and self-esteem, and enhances the child's skills in areas of socialization, recreation, and education.

Being a foster parent can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Our agency can be your helping hand as you traverse the road to becoming one. Here, you can be a part of a reliable support system where experienced foster parents can help the newer ones. You can also join our programs, including tutorial groups.

Give us a call and let us help you in becoming a professional caregiver. Make a difference in the life of a child by becoming a foster parent today.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Other

Requirements to become a foster parent

Adults who are new to the fostering process sometimes feel overwhelmed and wonder if they will have support on their journey. Your child-placing agency is the first resource. Social services caseworkers provide aspiring foster parents with various types of support and connections. These include free educational training programs, helplines, and support groups.

It is important that foster parents build their individual support network, too. Connecting with other foster families with more experience is an excellent place to begin. Texas groups offer foster parent meetups; you can search online for the closest one.

The Texas Foster Family Association provides state training, a regional directory of support services, a summer training conference, and more. Membership benefits include getting access to foster care professionals and learning more about ways to become better caregivers. Children of TFFA members can also get assistance through the Scholarship Fund.

Austin Angels is another support organization that strives to assist foster parents and Texas foster children. They offer care packages and gifts for foster children and their caregivers, mentorship options, and education, among other resources. Foster children and teens can learn valuable skills that help prepare them for independent living, as well.

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Lisa Bolton
Aug 01, 2021

Caution!!! Don’t interview here!!!!
The agency is very poorly ran by a married couple that brings their issues into the office. Has arguments and words with each other in front of staff. Approved time off for me and in the end held it against me and promised bonuses that were never received. The agency is currently on heightened monitoring with the State and licensing of Texas, because of deficiencies over several years. They falsify documentation, make up fake paperwork such as home visit forms, foster parent paperwork, training certificates, when needed to meet minimum standards when heightened monitoring does visiting, forge foster parents and foster children’s signatures on documents a lot, very unorganized, high staff turnover, incompetent leadership, saves confidential information of the foster parents and children on thumb drives that are taken outside of the agency by staff, allowing for the potential risk of breaching confidentiality, tells foster parents what they like to hear and ignores requests from foster parents about 30 day removals, requests for resources and such.

I am a 26 year veteran teacher from Illinois and just started in the Foster Care field ( within last 4 years) and if you are looking for a rewarding, positive environment, organization, and get a feeling of appreciation for your hard work DON’ T APPLY HERE!!

Rating: 1

Traenecia Love
Sep 17, 2019

I recently just left the Ascension Family.I thank God for the decision that I made on my separation from this agency. I would NOT recommend this agency to anyone. Especially a new parent who's just coming into fostering. I was very upset and still upset with my decision that I made to leave Houston Serenity CPA, for Ascension.I honestly did not like the way how two of my kids were being mistreated. It was times that I had spoken to Mr.Ware, on several different occasions on the favoritisms that his staff and him displayed to another child that was in my home at the time. I learned that the child had been placed in almost every home within The Ascension agency. I’m guessing my home was the final resort for the child and for the money to roll in for the agency. I did request a thirty day removal, after noticing some odd behaviors that the child displayed after having her for after 45 days or so in my home. The notice of removal, I later found out was REJECTED by both of the Wares. I came to both Mr. and Mrs. Wares on several different occasions and asked about the child being removed. I even went and sat down with Mrs. Ware and I was also told by Mrs. Ware and I quote” I’ll remove the child when I think you’ve had enough.” I was upset and knew then it was time to GO.As a CPA , Ascension, is horrible at knowing and which they should know that NO CHILD IS DIFFERENT FROM THE NEXT, these kids should all be treated EQUALLY! I’m a firm believer, and I will stick behind this belief FOREVER. Second on an unprofessional note from the Wares.I was Called into the office for a meeting. I had received a text from Mr. Ware, asking” was I in Miami.” When I received a message from Mr.Ware, stating “ be prepared for an unannounced.” I replied “ okay.” I did not like the fact that Everyone attended this meeting, including the front desk help. It was totally UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE. Especially, for Mr.Ware to say” I was trying to take his business down.”All behind FASLE information that he had received from another foster parent that was later charged with a felony.

Rating: 1

Ursula Clark
Aug 07, 2019

If you’re proactive about getting things done in a timely fashion, and professionally this CPA is NOT A GOOD CHOICE. This company does not comply with minimum standards, and does not properly communicate with their parents. They do not offer many trainings, they also have a hard time being honest about info that’s communicated. I’m currently trying to transfer and they still have not sent over the requested documents for whatever their reason is. They had 14 days to do so. My info request was sent 7/1/19 and here it is 7/24/19 and they still have not sent my information. It is state law/ minimum standards to send over All requested documents to all requesting agencies, which Ascension has not. Both Mr. & Mrs. ware have ignored every single text message that I have sent with my concerns, nor have they replied to any of my emails. Hopefully upon my arrival to the agency I’ll get lucky and get the info that has been requested, and can’t seem to retrieved. Again, this agency has ALOT of work to do, and I wouldn’t recommend this agency to my worst enemy. Now let me make myself clear. (Replying to Ascensions Rep. 8/7/19) My reason for leaving the other agencies in which 3 are currently closed down & one of the 3 you helped me get away from by coaching me step by step in what to do MRS. WARE because at that time you were their foster home developer, ( Jameson Center aka The Children’s Center/ Ms. Bennett case manager) whom at that time had forged my signature... and because they were doing the same things Ascension is doing besides forging is bad communication, not submitting paperwork in a timely manner, which has happened on several occasions, and mishandling reimbursements. The HONEST & REAL reason for me leaving!!!! You had absolutely no problem with opening me up quickly to have me on your team since I’ve been known to be an excellent foster parent with certificates from other agencies to prove it. ( Foster parent of the year 2017)Now that Ascension is out for blood! The Wares ( Ascension’s director) have had a guy that they’ve recently hired to walk through my home when a quarterly had already been conducted in June out of spite. Mr. Ware also sent me a text 7/19 begging me to stay with Ascension, and he also stated how good of a foster parent I am and was willing to do anything to keep me. So don’t you go chasing waterfalls. Instead listen to the rivers and the lakes that they’re use to. Be blessed and do better as a whole, & maybe your families will stay after dropping like flies...... You’re welcome!!!

Rating: 1