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TRACES Foster Care serves children and teens up to age 18 years old who are in state custody due to abuse or neglect and those who have behavioral or emotional problems. Becoming a foster parent means making a commitment to a child that you will be there for them until they are able to return to a parent, or a relative, become independent, or be adopted.

Foster Parents help these special children meet specific individual goals while living in their home.

Working with a child to develop day-to-day coping skills, problem-solving skills, developing healthy relationships, building self-esteem and developing independent living skills are just a few ways a foster parent can impact a child’s life.

Though the process may not always be easy, making a difference in the life of a child can be one of life’s most rewarding gifts. Foster parents can teach a child to learn to trust and hope again through building meaningful relationships with caring adults.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Foster parents receive help from the Department of Children’s Services, including board rate payments to help offset the cost of care. These rates vary slightly based on the child's age and needs.

Children and teens in foster care also receive state health insurance through SelectKids. The parent helpline is 1-888-422-2963, and there's an online portal for parents.

Kids in care receive a membership ID card, which the DCS Health Advocate Representative has. Each child is also assigned a PCP. Physical and mental health care needs, as well as dental and vision services, are covered.

When you start fostering in Tennessee, you'll receive access to a dedicated Foster Parent Advocate who can answer questions, provide support, and assist you with any grievances and appeals.

Parents must also complete trauma-informed training, which teaches them how to be better caregivers. The training is free, and your agency can help you find and complete the necessary hours. You'll learn most of what you need to know in training, though you'll also want a solid support network.

Foster parents receive access to respite care, which can provide a break when needed. While most parents can leave their children with a babysitter or family member, foster parents must rely on trained, licensed caregivers. Depending on respite care allows parents to address emergencies, relieve stress, etc.

Regular Board Rates (Effective 7/1/2023) Ages Foster Care Adoption Assistance Subsidized Permanent Guardianship Ages 0-11 $29.96/day $29.91/day $29.91/day Ages 12+ $34.35/day $34.30/day $34.30/day Ages 12+ placed on or after 2/15/2023 $50.00/day (permanent placements only) * $34.35/day (for temporary placements) $34.30/day $34.30/day Sibling groups of two or more, regardless of age placed on or after 2/15/23 $50.00/day based on age reflected above based on age reflected above Special Circumstances Board Rates Ages Foster Care Adoption Assistance Subsidized Permanent Guardianship Ages 0-11 $32.95/day $32.90/day $32.90/day Ages 12+ $37.78/day $37.73/day $37.73/day Kinship/ Relative (Expedited) Board Rate Prior to Approved Foster Home Status After Approved Foster Home Status $14.12/day Based on age referenced above Extension of Foster Care Independent Living Allowance Rates Regular Board Rate Graduated Board Rate Age 18-20 Parenting Board Rate Age 18-20 $14.06/day $7.03/day $20.00/day

Effective 2/15/2023 Foster parents will receive a one-time $2,000.00 bonus per child following six consecutive months of placement for children in foster care who are twelve (12) years of age or older or children who are members of sibling groups of two or more children. Foster parents must meet all compliance standards including training requirements at the end of the six-month placement time frame to receive the bonus. *Temporary placements who assume complete care of the child during placement are also eligible for the incentive rate.

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Courtney May
Jun 09, 2023

We started up with someone and they moved away from kids therapy after the 3rd session. If that was a possibility it would have been nice to know before my child got to know someone. Also not very helpful, they mostly said their issues don’t happen to kids this age… but it’s happening soooo why can’t someone help address the issue? It’s hard getting in with any child’s therapist in the area so it was a frustrating experience.

Rating: 2

Cherry Cola
Apr 16, 2023

I can tell both the front desk staff and the counselors care about their patients deeply. Great experience.

Rating: 5

ariana volpe
Apr 13, 2023

Two stars, because Linda seems to be a good counsellor. However, I take a lot of time out of work and my son takes a lot of time out of school for appointments like these where their staff to be this disorganized. We waited three hours for them to get back to us, after we had a scheduled and double confirmed telehealth appointment that never happened.
Edited: problem fixed, but still had to miss work and school.

Rating: 2

Mary crable
Jan 10, 2023

I love my grandsons counselor and i love his case manager. They have been really helpful to me and my grandson

Rating: 5

Febbie Race
Nov 05, 2022

Tiffany Erwin needs to work on her attitude toward my 9-year-old. I will never have my child seen by her again!
00000⭐️ for sure!!!

Called corporate and haven't received a callback?!

Rating: 1