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Open Adoption & Family Services is a non-profit, agency providing services nationwide from headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. In our program, pregnant people are treated with dignity and respect as they explore all of their pregnancy options: parenting, abortion and adoption. They are empowered with extensive information so they can make the decision that feels best to them. Regardless of their choice, they receive our compassion and support.

When expectant parents choose to plan an adoption, our fully open adoptions include ongoing visits and lifelong services. At OA&FS, our goal is for all of our clients – birth parents, adoptive parents and open adoptees – to feel at home in their open adoptions. Feeling at home is the reassuring sense of being completely welcomed, accepted and comfortable.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Other

Requirements to become a foster parent

Foster parents receive a reimbursement or payment to help with care costs. According to the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Oregon foster care rates are as follows:

  • Base rate payment of $693 per month (age 0-5 years)
  • Base rate payment of $733 per month (age 6-12)
  • Base rate payment of $795 per month (age 13 - 20)

These payments are meant to help cover the costs of food, clothing, housing, transportation, personal care items, etc. Parents may also receive a shelter care payment.

The DHS or private foster care agencies provide flexible training opportunities, on-call support, access to a network of professionals, support groups, and respite care.

Respite care gives full-time foster parents a break when needed or allows them to address emergency situations.

With Love Oregon is a non-profit that supports foster families by providing clothing and supplies to young children. Parents can get clothing, diapers, car seats, and more.

211info is a non-profit that provides parenting education, parent-to-parent networking, helplines and support groups, and much more. Resource families can find many types of support on their website.

Ratings and Reviews

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3.3 / 5
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Jason Plowman
Jul 21, 2023

Fabulous experience adopting through this agency two times -- as an out-of-state family. Could not recommend more highly. Start-to-finish, we had two excellent experiences!

Rating: 5

Sage Carter
Jul 12, 2023

The team at OA&FS is so supportive and they live their mission. As a birth mother who placed with them years ago, I still marvel at how they lovingly and honestly helped build my family, creating one of the best choices of my life. I will be forever grateful to each person there and would highly recommend reaching out to them if you are a questioning birth mother.

Rating: 5

jennifer johnson
Jun 21, 2023

After years of dehumanizing infertility treatments and continual disappointment, it was a relief to let the dream of becoming a biological parent go and fully lean in to the soul lifting experience of open adoption planning.

Our child's birthmother CHOSE US. Just stop for a moment and imagine how we felt knowing that a woman we didn't know CHOSE US to receive her most precious gift--her child.
We didn't rise to the top of a list of potential adoptive parents and get paired randomly...she had all the control and chose us for reasons that were personal. We met for the first time at a Denny's restaurant along I-5, we shopped for our child's first outfit together, we gave our child her birthmother's mother's middle name and the rest is history. For decades, we've worked together to nurture that relationship for the the good of our shared child and it's been a joy! That, at first unknown, woman is now a part of our family and always will be. My child, now 23, just returned from a week spent at their birthmother's home, hanging out with their younger half sisters. How cool is that?

Is OA&FS the right choice for you? If you believe in the inherent goodness of others and see that giving your future child the opportunity to be loved by more people is a good thing, that knowing their full adoption story is a good thing too, then I hope so.

Rating: 5

Larry Johnson
Jun 21, 2023

I am not exaggerating when I say that Open Adoption and Family Services gave me the single most meaningful human experience of my life. (a pretty large claim, I know!) Waaay back when, we (spouse and I) were struggling to make a family the old fashioned way, and our doctor suggested that we adopt. We did some research and I decided that open adoption was easily the best solution. We are people that are idealists. We believe in the goodness of humanity. We believe in trusting others. We met a Birthmom who shared the same values. Later on, she handed us the single most valuable thing ever: a thriving newborn. Today - years later - we have a strong relationship with our child's Birthmom. Our child has a strong relationship with their Birthmom and Birthsiblings. Is everything perfect and rosy in our lives? No, we are humans. But do we have an amazing family that was ENHANCED with the presence of a Birthmom!

I can say with ZERO hesitation that Open Adoption and Family Services is a value-driven organization. They put the best interest of the Birthmom and child before anything else. The ethics, values, and integrity I have seen from this organization are a shining beacon of the best that humans can offer. As bold as that claim is, I stand by it and have said it for many years. I gave 5 stars. I would give 500 if I could.

Rating: 5

Mars Fragall
May 19, 2022

You guys would be able to adopt out waaay more babies if you were able to offer financial assistance to expectant birth parents or match them up with adoptive parents that could help them out sooner than the third trimester. Adoptive parents with this agency: Just know that a child that one of you could have adopted is being aborted this weekend because I can’t work while pregnant and this agency wouldn’t help me save the baby’s life.

Rating: 1