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Being a foster parent is so much more than loving a child in your home. It’s also showing kindness to a family when they need it most.
It’s giving a child a safe place to land during a hard, scary time when they’re away from home. And it’s showing compassion to a parent who is likely overwhelmed, scared, and without a lot of support.

It’s helping a child stay connected to the only home they’ve ever known, in whatever way it’s safe to do so, and cheering on a family that’s living out a comeback story.

At Bethany, our heart beats for family. We want to see families strong, supported, and together. But we know there are times when families face challenges—and children need care.
That’s why we’re seeking foster parents who believe in families too.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

The state requires that foster parents get licensed through their local Department of Social Services or a licensed private agency. These sources will be your best form of support. Through them, you'll receive training and have a point of contact for emergencies.

If you ever have questions, reach out to your case manager. They're trained to assist foster families and the children in their care.

The Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina is a statewide association that recruits new parents, provides training, and offers support. You can find training and webinars online. You can also read parenting tips, find your region, and more.

The National Foster Parent Association is a non-profit that provides training and education. Caregivers can also find free online training through the NFPA.

The NC Division of Social Services (NC DSS) is the agency in charge of overseeing the state's child welfare system. NC Kids assists new foster parents with the early stages of the process. You can find children awaiting adoption and access foster care and adoption support services.

It also helps to form connections with other foster families, especially those with years of experience. You may have questions or need advice from them. It can make you feel like you have someone on your side through your journey.

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Samantha DeLorenzo
Jul 30, 2022


Rating: 1

Jay Fog
Jul 25, 2022

This is faith based organization. You will not receive medical care from a doctor or nurse, and they do not perform abortions or provide birth control.

Rating: 1

Cassandra Bogert
Jun 14, 2022

When signing up for adoption through Bethany in North Carolina, in the beginning, the experience started out great. Once we had finished all he paperwork & officially became a waiting family, it went all down hill from there. I felt as though there was NO to MINIMAL communication. Especially with our caseworker, Sara. When calling to check up on how things were going, I have called twice out of the 4 years we have been waiting. (We were waiting for a placement since 2018.) in the beginning of 2022, we got an email stating the domestic infant adoption program was closing. That was very disappointing, but the most disappointing portion was we were promised a home study update for the inconvenience and as an apology. We were then told a few weeks later, we cannot have that performed. They went back on their word & they also have broken their own contract. Since we did not receive a refund from the Home study or an update like we were promised, plus waiting for 4 years, and always seeming like a bother when I called to check up on Things, I highly highly highly recommend going through a different agency for adoption. They are also a non profit organization. The caseworkers and a supervisor I had spoke too have not been friendly towards us either. They have been rude. Please do not go through this organization. My husband and I thankfully found a wonderful, wonderful adoption agency to go through that is not Bethany.

Rating: 1

Kayla Smith
Jul 17, 2019

They called cps on me when I changed my mind

Rating: 1