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Being a foster parent is so much more than loving a child in your home. It’s also showing kindness to a family when they need it most.
It’s giving a child a safe place to land during a hard, scary time when they’re away from home. And it’s showing compassion to a parent who is likely overwhelmed, scared, and without a lot of support.

It’s helping a child stay connected to the only home they’ve ever known, in whatever way it’s safe to do so, and cheering on a family that’s living out a comeback story.

At Bethany, our heart beats for family. We want to see families strong, supported, and together. But we know there are times when families face challenges—and children need care.
That’s why we’re seeking foster parents who believe in families too.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

New Jersey offers excellent support and services for foster parents in the state. Let's take a closer look at what's offered.

Foster Parent Training

To become a foster parent in New Jersey, you are required to attend PRIDE training. There are three major components to the training including pre-service training, core training, and advanced and specialized training. Within the three components, you will learn skills in five essential competency categories:

  1. Nurturing and protecting children
  2. Meeting the developmental needs and addressing developmental delays of children
  3. Supporting the relationships between families and children
  4. Making safe and nurturing family connections that will last a lifetime
  5. Working as a member of a professional team

All licensed foster parents will also have access to many additional workshops, both in-person and online. This may be through e-Learning, webinars, home correspondence courses, or support groups and meetings.

Parent Support

Foster parents receive a monthly payment starting at $716, a clothing allowance, and health care coverage for the child in their care. The amount you receive varies, depending on the child's age and specific needs.

You may also be eligible for:

  • Childcare services while working or attending foster parent training
  • Special needs transportation reimbursement
  • Infant care items
  • Essential safety gear such as car seats and bicycle helmets
  • Flexible funds for child's special needs

Ratings and Reviews

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3.2 / 5
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Schwan 369
Oct 25, 2021

Very disappointing and misrepresented! They only pretend to care...their "Multiplan P.P.O" is actually available at much lower premiums as an actual insurance. Plus, they sold it to me as "including dental and vision 60%", when that is actually a Wellcard, which is available online to the general public at 0 registration fee! And it amounts to nothing for getting vision services. Several times I called back to complain, and the representative went off on endless tangents finally recommending I just get an additional vision coverage myself, like he did , too. Lol

Rating: 1

Izzy Gonzalez
Nov 14, 2020

This is listed on a fake clinic site ?

Rating: 1

Mayra Bernal (Maria)
Jan 26, 2019

Do they do foster care here too ?

Rating: 5

Michele Slootmaker
Sep 12, 2016

Our experience with Bethany has been wonderful. They provided us with the support and knowledge needed to navigate through our adoption process. We couldn't be happier.

Rating: 5

Megan Lutz
Jul 12, 2012

Discriminatory. Non-Christians need not apply. My husband and I were made to feel very uncomfortable when we shared with the staff that we are not Christians. In New Jersey Bethany Christian Services requires that you sign a "Statement of Faith" before they will assist you with a domestic adoption. The staff said that for international adoptions we would not have to sign the "Statement of Faith," but in not so many words were given the impression that we were not welcome there. Even if one is a Christian, I don't see how anyone could support such a discriminatory organization.

Rating: 2