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Foster Care

Children are sometimes temporarily placed in foster care because their parents are not able to give them the care that they need. Foster family care provides a safe, loving home for children until they can be reunited with their families.

What is Foster Family Care?

The New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth, & Families (DCYF) investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect. If the assessment indicates a child's safety is at risk, DCYF petitions the court to have the child removed from their family and placed in a safe, caring, temporary environment. The child may move to a relative's home or a foster home. 

There are several types of foster family care. The public agency, DCYF, administers some, while private child placing agencies help others. Primary foster family care is called General Care, and there are also other types of credentials that a licensed foster parent can qualify for, including Specialized, Emergency, and Crisis.  Independent Service Option (ISO) and Therapeutic Foster Care are both clinical-based and provide intensive services to youth.  Both are administered by private child placing agencies throughout NH.

Foster families provide homes for children whose families cannot care for them. Every effort is made to help the child remain with his or her family. Foster parents are asked to provide a supportive atmosphere while the biological parents, agency staff, and foster parents work on individual and family issues.

The temporary and complex nature of foster care places unique demands on foster parents. They are asked to take someone else’s child into their home, care for the child, and treat the child as a family member. The Foster Care Program provides the necessary support and training to enable foster parents to provide daily care and supervision for the child in care.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

New Hampshire foster parents are entitled to support payments. These help cover the costs of caring for a foster child. Let's take a look at some of the available benefits:

Support Payments

In New Hampshire, foster parents receive reimbursement for daily costs. This includes board, meals, clothing, and other everyday expenses. The pay rate varies depending on the foster child's age and needs, but base payments begin at $24.48/day, up to $29.49/day.

Children with special needs are also entitled to additional specialized funds, up to $36.86/day. You can learn more about expense payments for New Hampshire foster parents by clicking here.

Medical and Dental Coverage

Children in the New Hamshire foster system are covered for dental and medical care under the Medicare system.

However, it's up to the foster parents to book all necessary medical appointments and make sure the foster child attends them.

Training and Support Groups

Alongside mandatory foster parent training, there are additional courses available. This extra training helps foster parents excel and provide the best possible environment for the children in their care.

Foster parents are also invited to attend local support groups, where they can meet their peers and talk about all aspects of being a New Hampshire foster parent.

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3.8 / 5
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Jul 07, 2023

Really disappointed with the poor structure of the staff working here. Denies basic rights and seems clueless.

Rating: 1

Zandy Dezonie
Jul 04, 2018

Exceptional, professional staff that go above and beyond to help.

Rating: 5

Lee Bird
Jun 25, 2018

A necessary evil ..👍✌

Rating: 5

Kristine Simoneau
Apr 10, 2018

There pretty Friendly and as Quick as they can be.

Rating: 4

Feb 27, 2018

This building was extraordinarily difficult for me and various others to locate on the campus, including the fact that many of the sidewalks were poorly salted and I fell numerous times trying to walk to the front doors.

When I arrived, the woman at the front counter was "filling in" for another woman who was on break, and refused to call the individual whom I was there to meet on the third floor, even though I stated I had an appointment, his name, number and email. Instead, she decided to make me wait for 20 minutes until the other woman returned.

Considering this is a state building, I was shocked to see that they do not have properly advised staff serving as backup for the permanent staff. This only causes confusion and frustration for visitors, and is definitely an aspect that needs to not be overlooked.

Once I was able to go to my appointment, which only required that the usual woman, who had returned at this point, open the door, the staff on the upper floors where very helpful and kind, which is why I am allowing a two-star rating, instead of one.

Rating: 2