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430 10th Street NE, Suite 3
PO Box 366
Austin, MN 55912
United States

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Our Mission
Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota serves the poor and marginalized, advocates for social justice, and calls all people to the ministry of Christ.

Our Values
Predicated on and guided by our Mission Statement, the staff, Board, and volunteers of Catholic Charities aspire to express, through our actions and attitudes, the following core values:

Believing that everyone we encounter is a child of God, we will interact with our clients and each other in a manner that affirms the person's human dignity.

Evidenced, in part, by:

Listening actively
Responding with honesty and sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions of the person
Resolving our conflicts with an attitude of good faith and understanding
Keeping our commitments to one another
Believing that each activity we undertake is a necessary and good thing to, either directly or indirectly, carry out our mission, we will equip ourselves with the knowledge, skills, interest, and enthusiasm to produce quality results to the best of our ability.

Evidenced, in part, by:

Establishing and adhering to qualification standards regarding education, experience, licensing, etc. in hiring and promotion decisions
Supporting continuing education and professional development efforts of our staff
Providing adequate supervision and on-the-job training to our staff
Incorporate into our policies and procedures the best practice standards established by authoritative bodies that guide the program or activity in which we are engaged.
Believing that each of us, as children of God, are most fully human and fully alive when we responsibly activate our human potential, we will encourage decision-making, self-determination, creativity, and accountability for our clients and ourselves.

Evidenced, in part, by:

Establishing clear lines of authority and responsibility
Putting into practice the principle of subsidiarity, i.e., decision-making at the lowest level
Providing clients and staff members with honest and timely feedback and assessment so that achievement above, below, or at expectations is recognized
Working to promote just social policies in our institutions, public and private, so that human dignity and responsibility is affirmed for all members of society, but especially the poor and powerless

Services and information

  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

There are several support services available for foster parents in Minnesota. Let's take a look at what's available:

Support Payments

Minnesotan foster parents receive a monthly basic payment to help with the care costs of the foster child. Payments vary depending on the child's age and circumstances. They start at $650 per month.

In some circumstances, foster parents can also receive a difficulty of care supplemental monthly rate. These payments help support children with physical and mental difficulties and can be up to $1,500 per month.

Medical and Dental Coverage

In Minnesota, foster children receive Medicaid coverage for their medical and dental needs.

The foster parents are responsible for arranging the child's medical care and must attend all necessary appointments to maintain their health and well-being.

Training and Support Groups

There are plenty of support groups and resources available for foster parents in Minnesota. These services offer ongoing support and an opportunity to share experiences with other people in the same situation as you.

Additional training can also help you be the best caregiver possible for your foster kid.

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