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Over 60 years ago, Orchards Children’s Services was established by the Greater Detroit Section of the National Council of Jewish Women. The founders recognized the need to improve the lives of children. This small, courageous group of women dared to question how things had been done. They believed that practices of the past were insufficient. They dared to challenge the status quo and begin something new. The founders of the Orchards looked back and plotted a course to move forward. It is doubtful that even those remarkable people who had the vision and courage to develop a new course could have foreseen the Orchards Children’s Services of today.
Our Mission is to strengthening the community through quality services to children and families…
Our Vision: Every child, youth, and family is safe and empowered by engaged communities.
Our Values :Commitment: Promising to implement best practice in all areas relating to workforce values, attitudes, behaviors, skills and competence. ​​​
Respect: Treating everyone with their definition of respect and encouraging strong connections with their identified community and culture.​

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized / Therapeutic Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Other

Requirements to become a foster parent

Parents can access the Michigan Foster Care Portal (MFCP), which is a tool that helps expedite licensure. The portal can track progress and list the next steps a foster parent needs to take. The MFCP also contains FAQs and helpful guides for parents.

In addition to online tools, foster families also receive some financial support. How much they receive depends on the child's age and needs. Parents may also be entitled to additional reimbursement that covers care costs.

Plus, foster families can access many local and state-wide support organizations and advocacy groups. These groups provide resources, answer questions, and are happy to help form connections between foster parents.

Your foster care agency is always there if you have questions or concerns. Their goal is to ensure the child's well-being and assist parents through the fostering process and beyond.

Another path you might want to consider is co-parenting with the birth parents. The end goal in most foster cases is to reunite a child with their parents or primary caregiver. You'll work with the birth parents anyway to set up visitations, and co-parenting can make your job easier.

Working further with the birth parents can also make the entire fostering process less stressful for a child. They won't feel as if they have to "choose" between homes and families.

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Asian ONE (Ahddub)
Sep 13, 2023

Amazing staff always ready to help and answer any questions, this is YOUR agency

Rating: 5

Kandice Karter
Jul 17, 2023

Hi LoVes,
Okay so I don't really know about this company as a whole wouldn't want too.Let me just add this. I do know about Jessica>>. I don't remember her last name if this is even the location that she's @ with this company.I just want to say I absolutely love her she was genuine she was sincere she was very helpful very supportive to and mybabies she even came to court to support us.& When it's something this serious involving one's children stuff like this we don't forget if it's Not Great we don't forget and if it's great we don't forget if she's still with this company she literally should be a manager by now she was just so understanding and down to earth very beautiful soul!!! 5Stars for her!!!

Rating: 1

Maria Crump
Apr 10, 2023

They took my kids away from me because they planned this to happen to me lied on me told court judge I Abandoned my kids 💔 it's not true they sent me to Arizona with my sister and told her sis was getting my kids for me but it didn't work it was a safer thing and they were planned to Adopted Behind my back the lawyer didn't help she planned with the children service people to

Rating: 1

Joseph Harget
Mar 26, 2023

Yeah this place did more harm then help us get our kids back instead they were not for us to get our kids back they were more for the foster care parents to take our kids from us and there are parents out there that try and kill there kids and they give there kids back to them now how does that happen my advice is to stay away from this place because they will take your kids away from you period!!!

Rating: 1

Vince Padula
Oct 05, 2022


Rating: 4