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Ennis Center needs foster parents to give children a safe place to stay while their birth parents work on the issues that brought their children into care. A shortage of foster parents has made helping these children and families harder. We have to turn away children who need a safe place to stay because we don't have enough foster homes.

In some instances, children in foster care are unable to return to their birth family and are in need of a permanent adoptive home. Adoptive families are needed for children of all ages with an immediate need for families willing to adopt siblings, teenagers, and/or children who have special emotional, mental, educational or medical needs.Ennis Center only provides adoption services for children in the foster care system.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Other

Requirements to become a foster parent

Parents can access the Michigan Foster Care Portal (MFCP), which is a tool that helps expedite licensure. The portal can track progress and list the next steps a foster parent needs to take. The MFCP also contains FAQs and helpful guides for parents.

In addition to online tools, foster families also receive some financial support. How much they receive depends on the child's age and needs. Parents may also be entitled to additional reimbursement that covers care costs.

Plus, foster families can access many local and state-wide support organizations and advocacy groups. These groups provide resources, answer questions, and are happy to help form connections between foster parents.

Your foster care agency is always there if you have questions or concerns. Their goal is to ensure the child's well-being and assist parents through the fostering process and beyond.

Another path you might want to consider is co-parenting with the birth parents. The end goal in most foster cases is to reunite a child with their parents or primary caregiver. You'll work with the birth parents anyway to set up visitations, and co-parenting can make your job easier.

Working further with the birth parents can also make the entire fostering process less stressful for a child. They won't feel as if they have to "choose" between homes and families.

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Dr. Mary Welsh
May 16, 2023

Glad to support their mission

Rating: 5

Donna Moore
Oct 24, 2022

Nice Environment For Families 👪

Rating: 5

Chef Michael M
Jan 18, 2022

i believe in adoption more so than fostering my heart ❤ couldnt take the constant in and out of children that need love.. this agency could be your way to adoption/ fostering

Rating: 3

Anthony Robinson
Jan 29, 2021

Child day care service.state ran.

Rating: 5

Staci Lanford
Jan 07, 2021

Worst place ever to work. I put in a proper two weeks and was not paid for the full two weeks even though I went above and beyond to prepare the next worker with my case load. They refused to pay my mileage last feb even though it was miles I already traveled. Don’t work there and if you do don’t put your two weeks in they won’t pay you properly.

Rating: 1