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Ensuring safe & loving homes for abused, neglected and vulnerable children and youth. Approximately 13,000 Michigan children are in foster care at any given time. For up to date information on the child welfare in Michigan, click this link: Click here for information on child welfare in the State of Michigan.

Child and Family Charities' Child Welfare Division provides a foster care program that serves children of all ages. Many of the children we provide placement for have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Some foster children are infants, but most are older children who require temporary care until family troubles are resolved or until placed for adoption. 

Foster care is provided by families who are recruited, trained, licensed, and supported by the agency. Weekly therapy, team meetings, frequent foster home and school visits, enhanced support to the foster parents, and crisis intervention characterize the services of foster care.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Parents can access the Michigan Foster Care Portal (MFCP), which is a tool that helps expedite licensure. The portal can track progress and list the next steps a foster parent needs to take. The MFCP also contains FAQs and helpful guides for parents.

In addition to online tools, foster families also receive some financial support. How much they receive depends on the child's age and needs. Parents may also be entitled to additional reimbursement that covers care costs.

Plus, foster families can access many local and state-wide support organizations and advocacy groups. These groups provide resources, answer questions, and are happy to help form connections between foster parents.

Your foster care agency is always there if you have questions or concerns. Their goal is to ensure the child's well-being and assist parents through the fostering process and beyond.

Another path you might want to consider is co-parenting with the birth parents. The end goal in most foster cases is to reunite a child with their parents or primary caregiver. You'll work with the birth parents anyway to set up visitations, and co-parenting can make your job easier.

Working further with the birth parents can also make the entire fostering process less stressful for a child. They won't feel as if they have to "choose" between homes and families.

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3.9 / 5
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Anthony West
Sep 21, 2023

Nobody should need to check the reviews on this agency. It's a negative place for both children and adults and I don't wish anybody to have to visit this place. It's a foster care establishment for those who don't know.

Rating: 1

Aug 10, 2023

They do good work with children.

Rating: 5

Alyssa Durand
May 09, 2023

Staff are neglectful, they don’t report the items they should and forget to tell the parent that picks up the child after their visit of major events that occur during visits that could lead to the child being in danger. Not a good experience with this location.

Rating: 1

Jane Doe
Apr 09, 2023

Just no. My ex husband was ordered supervised visits after being charged with a heinous crime (for lack of better words) I had sole custody and even though that happened I had physically no say about these visits. They state in their policy it is only the other parent in the visits and family is generally not allowed, but he had people come in every week family and not family. It didn't matter if it was people I wasn't comfortable having around my kids for all this place knew these people weren't even supposed to be around my kids. I've never felt so dismissed and concerned that I sat in the parking lot for every single visit because I was that uncomfortable leaving my kids there. This man had no custodial rights but got to call all the shots.

Rating: 1

Jasmine Pratt
Apr 03, 2023

Awesome staff! Alexis is absolutely amazing. She's kind and super polite! This place is also one of the best places I've came to for individual counseling. My therapist is beyond awesome.

Rating: 5