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CFS strengthens families and the communities in which they live. Our mission… “to heal and strengthen the lives of children and families,” is built on the following beliefs:

Communities thrive when supported by strong families
Society is strengthened by ensuring that children and families attain their full potential
Families are the foundation of a strong community and are essential to a healthy society
Families have the right to raise children in a safe and nurturing environment
Every person has inherent worth and dignity
These beliefs influence the services we provide in our community and have guided our growth since we opened our doors in 1843. Today, Child & Family Services is the largest and most comprehensive social service provider in Southeastern Massachusetts and the largest provider of adoption services in Massachusetts.

Demand for our services has grown, and we are expanding to meet that need. At the same time, we continue to work internally and with community partners to find new and better ways to help people overcome problems and find strength within their family circle.

Child and Family Services of New Bedford, MA, strengthens families and the communities in which they live. Our mission is “to heal and strengthen the lives of children and families”.

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Requirements to become a foster parent

Your local DCF or foster agency offers various services for foster children and families. Parents have access to training and educational resources as well as support groups.

Foster children also have health insurance covered. The DCF provides foster families with a stipend to cover care needs like food and board. The state also offers a clothing allowance every three months that helps to reimburse parents.

A case worker visits resources families every other month or as needed, and children in foster care are also assigned a social worker. These resources are invaluable points of contact for foster parents.

Local support organizations provide further support, such as resources and helplines. Foster families in Massachusetts also form groups to assist one another, share stories, and give advice. It's an excellent opportunity to create new connections and learn more as a parent.

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April Lloyd-Egan
Jul 29, 2023

My child’s therapist left. I expressed interest multiple times to continue services prior to her leaving and after the last session. A few days later, I received a letter stating if I did not respond in 10 days, that they would end my son’s services.

I reached out again. Left a voicemail and spoke to front office staff. I was told we would be contacted to set up the new appointment.

Less than a week later, I received a phone called being told my son could not longer attend his other services because I did not make appointment.

It has been frustrating. They recently changed to a new scheduling system which has caused other issues. Before we were able to have the same time each week, after the change we were unable to.

They ask what barriers keep patients from receiving treatment, it is the issues above. Disorganization and lack of communication related to services.

I make sure to request that staff document in the chart when we have communication because I don’t want my sons care to be impacted,

I’ve had issues with this agency related to my child’s other services when a clinician said one thing then documented another. Mistakes happen. We’ve all been there. But, with how difficult mental health access is, it’s distressing to have issues that are avoidable.

Overall, the clinicians and providers have been wonderful. It seems like there can be a better system on verifying if patients want to continue treatment. I would have signed a paper if needed. Sent an email. Anything to make sure services would continue. There are many people involved that things can get missed:

I just hope the scheduling system gets better. Once school starts again, changing appointment times will be hassle. Schools prefer a set time especially for weekly appointments. With a set time, I could get one note to cover all appointments. My son would miss only a small amount of school. Now I’ll need to get a note after each appointment. And, juggle having to make sure we don’t schedule during an important event during school hours or during a class my child enjoys. If a client is seen weekly, it would be better to book two weeks at a time. It would disturb the clients routine less. And improve a barrier to care.

Rating: 4

J.S. Matthew
Aug 07, 2019

When you first walk in and approach the reception staff at the "check-in" window, you will find that the receptionists are exceptionally friendly and diligent.

Once you become a regular client, they (the receptionists) will actually recognize you and know who you are, and they will likely engage with you personally. You won't feel like you're being treated like "just another number..." They will make you feel comfortable right from the start... You are important!

The clinicians and therapists at CFS are certified & qualified, helpful, friendly, and they really do care about the services they provide. Most of the clients that go to Child & Family Services continue their therapy regularly, and are satisfied. Just ask another client!

The only down side is that presently (as of August 2019), there is only one child/family psychiatrist available. However, they are searching for and looking to hire new psychiatrists to cater to individual adults and clients.
(*Some services can be provided via individual remote video conferencing "Telepsychiatry" consultation.)

You will have to call CFS directly for more information.

Rating: 4

Crystal M. Burnside
Jul 21, 2017

Very nice people.

Rating: 5

David Costa
Jun 21, 2016

Dr Marcus and my psychologist Bridgette are both kind and careing people. They listen well and offer sound and thoughtful advise. I would recommend them both to anyone. The clerical staff also does a great job as well.

Rating: 4