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Hobby Horse is a licensed non-profit child welfare agency that has been serving communities throughout West Central Illinois for more than 20 years.​

Our mission is to continue to serve and support families and children in our community. We have a strong team of dedicated staff, who devote their time and energy to encouraging families to grow and flourish, offering supportive services, and promoting programs to help the prevention of child abuse. ​

We promote that EVERY CHILD MATTERS and deserves a safe, secure, and loving home. Hobby Horse strives to help families grow through the mending of the family as a whole.


Services and information

  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

You must meet minimum requirements to provide foster care for children in Illinois. To become a foster parent, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Attend foster parent orientation
  • Pass a background check
  • Finish 30 hours of foster parent training
  • Complete the Home Study
  • Provide at least three references
  • Clear a physical exam
  • Maintain financial stability

Foster families must be able to provide a safe and comfortable home for a child. You must provide room for the child to have a bed and enough space for personal belongings.

Foster parents do not need to be married or have a partner. However, if married, couples must show a stable marriage of at least one year before they can foster a child in Illinois.

Foster parents need to meet a child's basic care needs, such as providing meals and clothing. Foster families must also support a foster child's education and assist them in developing social skills.

Contact the DCFS or a local licensed child-placing agency to learn more or begin the fostering approval process.

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3.2 / 5
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Sherri Jamison
Apr 24, 2023

This is a great company they are a nonprofit social service company they help a lot of families

Rating: 5

Rose Sanders
Apr 12, 2022

Shady interim director, I was fired for all medications in my system (doctor prescribed) Also, loves to flood workers with referrals then wonder why paperwork isn't being completed on time- speaking as a FIRED employee, I loved my clients, not my job.

Rating: 1

David Crane
Apr 11, 2022

They never answer the phone or return calls. I have been involved with them for over seven months and have maybe gotten a months worth of visits as a result of them changing my visit worker every week, or scheduling me with someone who is unable to do the visit due to a major surgery that would have been known about well in advance. They say the time will be made up, but at this point there is over 24 hours of visits to be made up. They work very well with women, but men get screwed six ways from Sunday. Just another stereotypical state of Illinois believing mothers can do no wrong even when they are horrible mothers.

Rating: 1

Nancy Adams
Feb 01, 2022

This place is corrupt just like the DCFS office and the Crisis Center. The investigators and case managers won't return a message even though I call daily. Supervisors no better than staff. Jenna and Megan are liars and lazy.

Rating: 1

Jenny Richards
Jan 22, 2019

Most of the staff is friendly. Not the best at getting evaluations done however the room for visits is very small. Need to update toys.

Rating: 3