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There are several principles upon which DCI is based, and these are as follows:

All individuals can and should receive the services they need in the least restrictive, most natural, and normalized setting possible. Destiny's Child Inc. enhances the learning and generalization of skills, behaviors, insights, and attitudes that will help the people to achieve continued growth and development.

The human relationship is the basis for personal development and social change. Relationship is the key element for change. This principle is the foundation of the Destiny's Child Inc. model of individual residential treatment, in which our organization and staff become a trusted guide, tutor, and counselor to an individual patient/individual. 

The relationship between the staff and the individual for whom she/he is responsible is a critical element in growth and change. Services should be truly individualized and consumer-driven.

At DCI, all service planning begins with the needs and desires of the individual patient/individual. The patient/individual, and his or her family, if appropriate, are active participants in the service planning process.

All attention, resources, plans, and interventions are focused on the needs of each person individually then as a uniting family. All individuals have the right to quality care, a right to dignity, and a right to be treated with respect.


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Requirements to become a foster parent

The DHS assists foster families with placement and ensures the child adjusts well to their new environment. Whether you have years of parenting experience or are relatively new to the idea, they have many support options for families. You can find plenty of information on the DHS/DFCS website or call them for more assistance.

Your local licensed child placement agency also places children in the foster system with carefully matched parents. Although foster care is temporary, it's crucial to find the right fit. That's why parents get a say in age range and gender.

There are also many state support groups for foster families that provide educational resources, services, and more. Connecting with these organizations and adding to your personal support network will be invaluable.

One of the best ways to become a better parent, whether you plan on fostering a child short-term or adopting, is to read as much as you can about Georgia's foster system. For instance, recently proposed bills would help to streamline parts of the state's foster care placement system.

You can find plenty of information available online for free as well. Blogs, podcasts, and videos are all incredibly useful ways to obtain new information about fostering.

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vateesha smith93
Jul 10, 2018

Its a great place to work for someone that do not care about working for $8 an hours. The economy is to bad for anyone to accept a little pay especially when people have responsibility. I do not like how companies do not post their starting rates. It will save everyone time. This was a waste of gas traveling to their office just to hear HR say we start everyone at $8 an hour because we will be out of business if we pay more. Throw the whole company away.

Rating: 1