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United In Love Adoptions is a Central Florida based 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of bringing families together through our provided adoption services.How do I choose a family for my child?
This is the biggest question a woman considering adoption will ask themself. Where do I even begin to find people who want to adopt a baby, let alone families wanting to adopt that happen to meet all of my expectations? And if I find people who want to adopt and who seem like a good fit, how will I know they’re safe and ready to raise my child?

That’s where United In Love comes in. With our resources, standards for adoptive parents and personal adoption experience, we will absolutely help you find the perfect family for your baby. We are here to be your guide on the path to creating your family.

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Requirements to become a foster parent

Many adults are eligible to become foster parents in their state but do not always realize it. Each state in the U.S. has regulations and requirements for licensing foster parents. Florida does not require parents to own a large home or quit their jobs and become stay-at-home parents. Florida foster parents must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Prove good health and ability to care for a child
  • Maintain a stable income
  • Pass a background screening
  • Finish 30 hours of foster parent training
  • Complete a Home Study

The required training course is free to aspiring foster parents. It helps parents learn how to foster children and become licensed to provide foster care in Florida.

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Janae Hamilton-Osborne
Jun 30, 2023

This agency has completed our family. They provided love and support while matching us with our baby girl. They are professional and really care about the babies and families. I couldn’t be more grateful for what they do

Rating: 5

Nate Hemphill
Apr 19, 2023

I could write a novel about our extended family at United In Love Adoptions - but for brevity sake, here are the highlights...Me and my wife made the decision to pursue adoption with UIL in February 2021. 782 days after our first meeting, we stood in court to officially become the parents to our pride and joy Jordan Rochelle Hemphill. The ride wasn't all roses - we had some ups and downs along the way. We had one failed adoption with a young lady who renegged on her decision to adopt...that was soul-crushing. But even in that despair, Glen, BJ and Jessica cried with us and even worked with some local charities to help reimburse us on lost mother expenses. We knew even in the heartbreak that we were working with the right team. Then just a few months later, we were matched with our hero-mom....she chose us after hearing what we'd been through. We have a great relationship with the birth mother and visit with her from time to time as well as send pictures of our princess. During her pregnancy, BJ and Jessica helped her with absolutely everything...they truly poured their hearts into taking care of her and keeping us up to date on all the significant events. When our little girl was borne, BJ spent almost 4 days at the hospital with the birth mom...tending to her every need - she only went home to shower and sleep. I am not kidding at all when I tell you that United in Love is our extended family. They walked with us through fire and we are so thankful to them for all that they've done.

Rating: 5

Jean Del Valle
Feb 05, 2023

United in Love was our choice of agency to start our family through domestic infant adoption. They made us feel like family and were there to answer any questions we had along the way. While we ended up matching through a different avenue … BJ and Jessica were still super excited for us and even sent us a super sweet gift that is displayed in the baby room and will always be special to us. If you are looking to start your family through adoption give United in Love a chance, they are small and fairly newer but they are working hard to get out to the community, and really do care about helping families. We Love…United in Love!🌈

Rating: 5

Sarah Marsicek
Jan 02, 2023

We were blessed to have United in Love as our adoption agency for our second adoption. While we had a great first experience with the adoption of our son, our experience was leaps and bounds more fulfilling with the adoption of our daughter through United in Love. We felt truly connected to our birth mother and birth father throughout the process, even though they chose not to meet with us personally. BJ and Jessica would reach out to us weekly to let us know how our birth mother was doing. We were blessed to receive prenatal photos and get status reports of how the pregnancy was progressing. BJ and Jessica were actively involved in making sure our birth mother had what she needed to have a healthy pregnancy and we felt, as the adoptive parents, equally cared for. When our daughter was born, both of them came to the hospital to support both the birth parents and us. When there was a time our daughter had to be alone for a few hours as her birth mother was being discharged and we couldn't be present, Jessica stayed a rocked her and fed her and gave her all the love. The care and support they have given us through this process is unparalleled. And that care did not go away when she came home. BJ continues to work with our birth mother weeks after our daughter's birth and she also checks in frequently to see how our daughter is doing. I know she will be helping us celebrate so many of her milestones in the future and I am forever grateful to have the United in Love family not only as friends but now as members of our family! Hands down recommend to any potential birth mothers or potential adoptive families. Adoption is a tough journey, but UILA made it so much better and they helped us complete our family! I truly cannot say a negative word about our experience-we are forever grateful!

Rating: 5

Lanie Cohen
Oct 13, 2022

The staff at United In Love Adoptions are some of the most incredible people I have ever met, their acts of service for the community, and their kindness make everyone feel so welcome. Attorney Glenn is transparent, helpful, and will do anything in his power to make the process go smoothly.

Rating: 5