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Providing treatment and services for neurodiverse children and adults, empowering them to live more fully and more independently in their communities.

Aspire serves neurodiverse children and adults who are discovering their passions, unlocking potential, and thriving.

Communities are stronger when people realize their passions, potential, and power.

Through using proven methods employed through trained professionals, we provide known, highest-quality services.

Through using the wisdom of many and leveraging all of our available resources, we promote leading practice.

At the heart of all that we do is the fundamental belief that all individuals will be treated with dignity and self-determination.

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Requirements to become a foster parent

You must meet minimum requirements to provide foster care for children in Connecticut. Before you start, educate yourself and reach out to a foster care agency. Social workers recommend that you and other family members in your home feel ready before starting your foster journey. Caring for a foster child takes time, patience, and persistence.

Contact your local licensed child-placing agency or attend an orientation meeting to learn more about what fostering entails. They will inform you about foster parent requirements, common obstacles you might face, and unique challenges among foster children. All foster kids have experienced trauma. Training teaches foster parents how best to help foster children manage their feelings and feel secure.

You must meet minimum state requirements to qualify as a foster care provider in Connecticut. Foster parents must: 

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Offer a safe living environment
  • Pass a police and FBI background check
  • Maintain sufficient income to care for a family
  • Complete the 10-week training program
  • Provide a separate bed for the foster child
  • Complete the Home Study process
  • Have a clean driving record (pass a DMV check)

Kids of the same gender in a similar age range may share a bedroom.

Contact the Connecticut Department of Children and Families or a local child-placing agency for additional questions about foster parent requirements.

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Sidney st.martin
Jan 30, 2023

As a parent having my kid go to the Stratford school its aright, he had a few mishaps here and there but he says its aright.

Rating: 3

Lynne Mortera
Feb 25, 2022

This company is very unorganized and rude. They lack care for individuals as well as staff. I’ve worked with this company for a couple of months and even in my interview the management lacked professionalism. As you go through the company and meet more of the higher ups you will see it gets worse as in the way they conduct business. Even from the beginning they input wrong information regarding my w2 and when I called and ask them to correct it in the system they said they would but never did. I called again and it was an excuse on why it hadn’t been done and still they have caused me to owe back.Before leaving this company the lack of respect and care for staff was unbelievable. They hide the fact that if you worked with someone with positive covid test they wouldn’t tell you. There was an occasion that they didn’t tell us that an individual had came in contact with a covid positive family member while away only the second time is when staff was told.

Rating: 1

Leo Saphire01
Nov 14, 2019

As a child from the age of 4 I used to see a psychiatrist for IPP. Back then I had particular behavioral issues that were basically impossible to improve indicating the massive amounts of Rispirital That they would prescribe me with. Back in those days I didn't know any better I was just a child but theytried to take me and put me into a mental institution. Luckily for me thankful as ever to my loving adoptive parents who fought with everything they had to keep me out of there and out of that horrible life they ceased all work with IPP and pulled me out of school and home schooled me. Do not go with IPP for your child it's only a waste of money and resources they will not do anything to help your child at all.

Rating: 1

Aaron Gillespy
Jun 20, 2019

Ethan great job helping me and my son I know there is more to be done but you are definitely an A+++ in my book. Thanks for choosing your career path so wisely you will definitely and profoundly impact so many lives

Rating: 5

victor akisanya
Jun 06, 2019


Rating: 5