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With You For Every Step. We know the circumstances that bring you to the world of adoption often come after a challenging journey. At Adoption Options, we understand the importance of the life decision you are making value the path you have traveled to get here and value everything you have to share with us.

Our experienced and caring professionals are here to discuss all your choices and create the best adoption plan for you. We understand how much there is to learn from all the different adoption agencies, which is why we provide clear and personalized guidance for your adoption journey. This includes a detailed fee schedule and ongoing support through the adoption process, including post-adoption stages.

It's time for an agency focused on choice and transparency. It's time for Adoption Options.

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Requirements to become a foster parent

You must meet minimum requirements to provide foster care for children in Colorado. Foster parents for children and families must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Maintain sufficient income to support a family
  • Have physical and mental capability to care for children and youth
  • Pass a child abuse background and criminal background check
  • Work with a treatment team and undergo future training
  • Complete a Home Study

Prospective foster families can contact a Colorado child placement agency or your local Department of Human Services. Social workers in these child welfare agencies will provide information about Colorado's child welfare system, foster care, and the adoption process.

Social workers recommended that other adults and children in your home agree to provide long-term home care, too. If everyone is ready to welcome a new child, your local agency will help your home become an approved foster home.

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Kassie Holm
Apr 14, 2023

I was a birth parent who was placed with this agency through Denver health without being given any other choices in adoption agency's. Throughout the whole process I voiced that I wasn't sure that I wanted to give my child up and was ignored by everyone I worked with. On the day I signed the papers I told my caseworker repeatedly I didn't want to sign. She showed up at my apartment anyway and had me sign the paperwork. The whole time I was with this agency I didn't receive proper resources. Support and everyone on staff was pretty awful to me. I reached out to my caseworker before the revoking period was over and told them I wanted my child back and that what they did was wrong. They didn't contact me until a year Later. If you are a birth parent please use another agency since this one has benefited off of someone's trauma . They also do not honor agreements made when it comes to open adoption and seem to favor the adoptive parents more. They also refuse to let me have visitation with my child even though I am allowed to do so. They don't offer enough information for a birth parent to make a decision and then pair you with people you know less about then you would on tinder. They also lied about giving me the birth parents contact information. This place should be shut down and nobody looking to adopt or looking to put their child up for adoption should ever work with them again. There's a reason not many people in Colorado know about this agency, they are horrible

Rating: 1

Johanna Leyba
Jan 04, 2023

We adopted our first son in 2013 through AO and had a wonderful experience - training, support, clear fees payment schedules. We were matched with our sons Birthmom who asked for an open relationship which we still have. We communicated through the agency for the first year and a half then just started communicating on our own. In 2018 she shared that she was pregnant again and asked if we would consider parenting a second child and we said yes! We engaged AO again and they were awesome. They supported us through a designated adoption out of state and we were so grateful for their insights, support and guidance.

Rating: 5

Alicia Ann
Apr 03, 2021

Amazing agency! I strongly recommend,they made the whole Process go smoothly and treated it as a sensitive situation,I will forever be greatful!

Rating: 5

Ciara Simmons
Mar 24, 2021

I placed my son through them a little over 2 years ago. The caseworker I was set up with made fake promises about resources for post placement and how she would continue to meet up with me post placement to check on how I was doing. None of this happened. When I reached out about the resources I was told they weren't a thing and she denied saying they had any type of help. I asked if we could meer up and she never replied. This happened a few different times. If you aren't going to hold to promises don't make them. If i wasn't reaching out for updates she either way updating me or was just making it feel like she was making sure I was placing my son still. My son's parents said they had the same type of interactions with their caseworker. Their caseworker never kept them in the loop. It felt like my son's mom and I were doing their jobs half the time. The agency would tell me all the things I wanted to here in that vulnerable state but the minute they got their money I was nothing to them. I felt like an incubator to them. I would never ever recommend a pregnant mother to go to this agency.

Rating: 1

Muhammad Mclovin
Feb 25, 2021

Wont give me a kid

Rating: 2