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Some of our State’s most vulnerable children are in Residential Treatment Centers and Psychiatric Hospitals and not because those are the most appropriate places for them. These institutions are not equipped to help these children achieve emotional and behavioral stability, heal from their trauma, and move towards permanency.

Is there something we can do about it?

Our Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program equips parents to provide the care and high levels of nurture and structure children need in a family home environment. Children can come to amazing levels of healing when their needs are met by creative, consistent, and committed caregivers.

Using a combination of evidence-based interventions, best-practice guidelines, and common-sense parenting; TFC is a highly effective, least-restrictive placement and treatment alternative for children who are traditionally referred for placement in Residential Treatment Centers or Psychiatric Hospitals.

TFC gives children the opportunity to heal and grow by equipping them with skills and tools necessary to manage the impact of their histories and circumstances while equipping you to meet their emotional and behavioral needs. What children in the TFC program need are parents who will consistently meet those needs no matter how challenging the behaviors they encounter.

TFC differs from our traditional foster care program through its team approach, most notably in the experience, education, and training of our TFC staff.

Our TFC program starts with Professional Foster Parents who receive additional training and support beyond what is typical of traditional foster care. As a Professional Foster Parent, you will make a commitment to be creative and available to the children placed in their home.

Similarly, our TFC staff must meet a higher level of qualification, participate in additional training modules, and are required to continuously seek opportunities to expand their skill sets and expertise.

Unlike traditional foster care, where we could place multiple children in your home, TFC is limited to one or possibly two children at a time. By limiting the number of placements in your home, we are able to focus on the specific emotional and behavioral needs of your child.

This allows them time to develop socially acceptable and skills, and as the child develops these skills, and demonstrates the ability to effectively interact in positive ways with peers, the Treatment Team will work toward integrating the child back into traditional foster care or finding permanency for them.

It is important to remember that there are no foster to adopt placements in TFC and we can’t do it without your help.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized / Therapeutic Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Adults who are new to the fostering process sometimes feel overwhelmed and wonder if they will have support on their journey. Your child-placing agency is the first resource. Social services caseworkers provide aspiring foster parents with various types of support and connections. These include free educational training programs, helplines, and support groups.

It is important that foster parents build their individual support network, too. Connecting with other foster families with more experience is an excellent place to begin. Texas groups offer foster parent meetups; you can search online for the closest one.

The Texas Foster Family Association provides state training, a regional directory of support services, a summer training conference, and more. Membership benefits include getting access to foster care professionals and learning more about ways to become better caregivers. Children of TFFA members can also get assistance through the Scholarship Fund.

Austin Angels is another support organization that strives to assist foster parents and Texas foster children. They offer care packages and gifts for foster children and their caregivers, mentorship options, and education, among other resources. Foster children and teens can learn valuable skills that help prepare them for independent living, as well.

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Lauren Cochran
Aug 06, 2023

We love CK! We have been fostering through them for several years and love the support and care they show their families. If you are thinking of fostering, do it and go with CK Family Services!

Rating: 5

Rose Williams
Aug 02, 2023

Pleasant experience preparing to adopt our grand babies.❤️

Rating: 5

Scott Johnson
Jul 27, 2023

Unfortunately having to rereview. We were notified today that our case manager is changing, AGAIN. This will be the 5th case manager in under 3 years and very disappointed as you have to start all-over in building rapport, trust, and history of the kiddos cases you had and currently have. Not sure what is going on but not the same CK we had in the beginning. September will be 7 years as a foster family so this is not just a novice review of things.

Rating: 3

Diana Reyes Smith
Jun 20, 2023

We have a forever family bond with CK: our adoption would’ve not been posible without the open hands, trust and encouragement that the staff and founders placed on us. We are so thankful that God directed us to start our journey with CK.
Their support doesn’t just stop at adoption day. We have been receiving services from them after finalizing the adoption: through Post- Adoption services we keep getting training and coaching always with much compassion and care for our family.
If you are starting your journey or just curious about serving the orphans, this is a great place to start and continue.

Rating: 5

Carey Coates
Jun 13, 2023

CK Family Services were incredibly helpful while we were foster parents for them. The staff were always there to answer questions, support us, and care for our family as well as the children we had in our home. I cannot recommend them more! There were too many benefits to name here with CK but know that if you choose them for your agency it will be the best choice. All the prayers and blessings on your foster care journey!

Rating: 5