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MercyFirst is a Sanctuary-certified, not-for-profit human and social service agency serving more than 3,000 children, teenagers, and families each year in the New York metropolitan area. Founded as an orphanage in the late 1800s by the Sisters of Mercy, MercyFirst (a merger between Angel Guardian Home in Brooklyn and St. Mary of the Angels Home in Syosset) today offers a range of life-changing, trauma-informed interventions to children and families in need through a network of programs and services throughout New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island) and across Long Island.

The staff of MercyFirst are professionally trained and prepared to respond to the complex needs of traumatized and neglected children, youth with serious emotional problems, teens and young adults without families who must learn to make their own way as adults, and families coping with poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness. We strive to provide a healing interval in the lives of the children and families we serve. We offer them a safe and healing environment and help them open doors and tap into resources, in an effort to develop their full potential. Here is how we help.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized / Therapeutic Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Raising foster children is a rewarding and life-changing experience. You can make a real difference in a child's life, helping them on a path toward success.

Remember that fostering affects the whole family, so talk to your partner and biological children if you're considering this journey. Learn more about what to expect and ensure it fits your lifestyle. You must be healthy and have enough time and energy to care for a child and meet their needs. This is important for gaining foster parent approval because every child must have this foundation of support.

Each state has requirements for foster parents. In New York, applicants must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Live in a safe and stable environment
  • Have enough space for a foster child
  • Show financially stability
  • Prove that all family members are in good health
  • Pass a background check
  • Clear a home safety inspection
  • Attend required foster parent training
  • Complete the Home Study process
  • Provide a minimum of three character references

Foster families in New York can rent or own their homes. Adults can become foster parents no matter their marital or divorce status. All adults who are living in the home with foster children must pass the New York required criminal background check. Every adult must complete both state and federal background checks and undergo fingerprinting.

Interested candidates can make the first call to foster services and get the approval and licensing process started. Contact the New York Office of Children and Family Services (NYOCFS) or your local Department of Social Services (DSS). The first step after expressing interest will be to attend a foster orientation. Potential foster parents can learn about the approval process at the event and get questions answered by a foster child advocate.

The foster parent training requirement begins with pre-service training. After getting licensed, foster parents must participate in ongoing training and educational programs.

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nudrat zaki
May 27, 2023

Racism at its peak.
If you are beautiful and have good relationship with Mr. Ford or any AODs etc. or you are Espanol then you are safe otherwise soon you will be balmed for Mercyfirst Failures.....

Rating: 1

Jackie Habernacky
Mar 23, 2023

They abuse the kids at this facility. It is an embarrassment to the town of Syosset that this facility has not been shutdown and just pays it's way out of trouble. It is an extreme danger to our community. We need to get MercyFirst out of Syosset.

Rating: 1

Morgan White
Jan 29, 2023

These people have no clue what they’re doing.

Rating: 1

Jun 14, 2022

Mercy First is and has always been a horrifying problem and ongoing threat to the safety and quality of life to our community in Syosset. Us as residents pay some of the highest taxes in the area, just to have their juveniles escape freely on an almost daily basis and terrorize our neighborhoods and businesses with crime. The juveniles don’t change their behavior, the staff doesn’t care since the problems keep repeating, and the residents pay the price. This place needs to be shut down. It is the thorn of Syosset and every single person I have spoken to feels the same.

Rating: 1

R Eng
Jun 08, 2022

This facility has not been supervising the young adults who have been terrorizing our town. Now our small businesses has suffered a huge hit recently. Who else is going to be faced with another incident is a terrifying thought. Please be more diligent!!! 😡

Rating: 1