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Starr Commonwealth leads with courage to create positive experiences so that all children, families, and communities flourish.

Every day, we work to develop healthy relationships, attitudes, and experiences to showcase the innate greatness in all children; to empower the professionals and communities that serve them; and to provide the best tools, resources, and perspective possible to unlock the limitless success we believe all children are capable of achieving. We seek to nurture the roots that were first planted by our founder, as their strength has fueled more than 100 years of growth and opportunity for the countless children we continue to serve.

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Requirements to become a foster parent

Parents can access the Michigan Foster Care Portal (MFCP), which is a tool that helps expedite licensure. The portal can track progress and list the next steps a foster parent needs to take. The MFCP also contains FAQs and helpful guides for parents.

In addition to online tools, foster families also receive some financial support. How much they receive depends on the child's age and needs. Parents may also be entitled to additional reimbursement that covers care costs.

Plus, foster families can access many local and state-wide support organizations and advocacy groups. These groups provide resources, answer questions, and are happy to help form connections between foster parents.

Your foster care agency is always there if you have questions or concerns. Their goal is to ensure the child's well-being and assist parents through the fostering process and beyond.

Another path you might want to consider is co-parenting with the birth parents. The end goal in most foster cases is to reunite a child with their parents or primary caregiver. You'll work with the birth parents anyway to set up visitations, and co-parenting can make your job easier.

Working further with the birth parents can also make the entire fostering process less stressful for a child. They won't feel as if they have to "choose" between homes and families.

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LaDonna Simpson
Aug 30, 2023

Its a great place to work the staff there are very kind and very helpful.

Rating: 5

will mccall
Jun 30, 2023

Fun and interesting.

Rating: 5

Robert Reed
Mar 14, 2023

I was a 12yo orphan boy in 1976 when I was a resident at Star. I was in Oliver cottage for approximately 18 months. I was not a juvenile delinquent but a ward of the state and there was no other place for me to go. I was an angry kid however and I didn’t appreciate the opportunity this place had to offer. I would love to go back and visit some time.

Rating: 4

Jan 05, 2023

Was in the Montcalm school early 2000's, it was the worst.

Rating: 1

James Valentino
Dec 27, 2022

I attended 30 yrs ago Starr was very helpful in my experience.

Rating: 5