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Through God’s help and love, we serve, value, and equip children and families for success.

Drawing upon decades of experience with delinquent and trauma-impacted children, Eagle Village, with our team of professionals, has designed programs that include:

Family Involvement- We facilitate family involvement whenever possible by removing any obstacle we can. We cover all the food and lodging for families when they stay for therapy, and will even provide transportation if necessary- all at no cost to the families. We know that by including the whole family in the treatment plan, we can achieve lasting change.

Therapy in Motion- Our specially trained therapists weave hands-on experiences and challenging, structured activities into treatment plans to aide therapy and teach social skills.

Make a Plan- Trauma manifests in a range of behavioral and emotional struggles. We assess the impact of a child’s past traumatic experiences and then our skilled Therapy Team devises a treatment plan for each child. We work with the strengths each individual already possesses and teach coping skills to prevent their struggles from slowing their success.

You can boil us down to this:

Our Cultural Commitment
Eagle Village values every person; every person deserves to be treated with honor, dignity, and equity. Together, we grow, through shared experiences, intentional conversations, and mutual understanding.

Eagle Village encourages and empowers all youth and staff through inclusion and diversity.

Eagle Village stands against racial discrimination.

Eagle Village believes in the potential of all people.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized / Therapeutic Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption

Requirements to become a foster parent

Parents can access the Michigan Foster Care Portal (MFCP), which is a tool that helps expedite licensure. The portal can track progress and list the next steps a foster parent needs to take. The MFCP also contains FAQs and helpful guides for parents.

In addition to online tools, foster families also receive some financial support. How much they receive depends on the child's age and needs. Parents may also be entitled to additional reimbursement that covers care costs.

Plus, foster families can access many local and state-wide support organizations and advocacy groups. These groups provide resources, answer questions, and are happy to help form connections between foster parents.

Your foster care agency is always there if you have questions or concerns. Their goal is to ensure the child's well-being and assist parents through the fostering process and beyond.

Another path you might want to consider is co-parenting with the birth parents. The end goal in most foster cases is to reunite a child with their parents or primary caregiver. You'll work with the birth parents anyway to set up visitations, and co-parenting can make your job easier.

Working further with the birth parents can also make the entire fostering process less stressful for a child. They won't feel as if they have to "choose" between homes and families.

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4.2 / 5
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Ashton Peelman
Jun 03, 2023

It was a great working fast program for me when I was in it being there 2 and half years and also having the highest Eagle Village level known as heart stage some it cant help some staff are great and some not but over all i really enjoyed my time there other than quest and group buildings

Rating: 4

Paul Sweeney
May 09, 2023

Went to this place as a kid in the 90s I remember it being fun and awesome. (Thanks for the response yes my life is amazing. )

Rating: 5

Ashley Goddard
Dec 21, 2022

As a prospective adoptive parents, I have mixed reviews on Eagle Village. I think that in terms of residencial placements it is one of the better ones I've seen. They do special programs like Legacy and have great opportunities for the children on campus. However, I have found that the communication is terrible. Not only was was it like pulling teeth in some instances to get information (even for some general info) but some staff I encountered were rude.

Rating: 2

T Lief
Nov 20, 2022

So very thankful for all the help we received from Tiffany at EV on all three of our adoptions!! We are very pleased with the professionalism and efficiency we received each time.

Rating: 5

Kristen Aidif
Nov 17, 2022

The Eagle Village staff are awesome supporters of young people who are in crisis. They walk alongside them to help them deal with trauma, build self-esteem and create better support networks!

Rating: 5