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Children need families for a better life. It’s really as simple as that. But there is nothing simple when it comes to the complexities of adoption. That’s where Hillcrest Family Services fits in. We’ve helped facilitate the adoption process for thousand of families by making the lives of thousands of children so much better. Regardless if it’s domestic, international or independent adoptions, there are so many different types and forms, each with their own details and complexities, that you’ll need Hillcrest’s adoption experts to navigate the legal process, the details and the paperwork. Hillcrest is licensed for adoptions in both Iowa and Wisconsin and Interccounty Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity (IAAME) accredited to assist with international adoptions.

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Requirements to become a foster parent

Many new parents are worried they'll be on their own if they decide to foster. That's not true; you have tons of support on your side.

You have the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS). Your local DHS recruits and approves families for fostering and adoption. They also place children with approved parents.

The Iowa Foster & Adoptive Parents Association has handbooks, contact phone numbers, information on training and case plans, useful PDFs for foster parents, and more online.

You also have your local child-placing agency for assistance. They're licensed and approved to train parents and place children in homes. You can find information on how to navigate the legal system or tips for working with birth parents, for example.

Many state non-profits dedicate themselves to assisting foster youth and the families caring for them. They may help with basic care, such as clothing or food, or educate parents on specific topics.

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Patti Meyer
Sep 08, 2023

I missed 3 appointments with my med provider. So now i can't see someone for a year for meds. A bit extreme don't you think.
And a bit dangerous dont you think.
So you stop someone's meds . That's pretty dangerous when youre dealing with psych meds. You're setting your organization up for a lawsuit.
But it's ok when u cancel. Or i have to wait because youre running late. Perhaps i should demand a refund when those situations happen. Am posting this to facebook.
I'll be switching to Crescent.

Rating: 2

Tina McGillivray
Aug 23, 2023

Had a great Zoom meeting.

Rating: 5

Ben Hanson
Aug 16, 2023

They treat their clients terribly. All you are is a number to them. I called to schedule services and the lady at the front desk told me because of 2 no call no shows that I couldn't be seen. I had those no call no shows in the past when I was going through a difficult time. Mental health Services are supposed to support us through difficult times; not penalize us. Don't do business with staff that judge you for your mistakes or those that believe people cannot change. For for me it was a red flag when I heard that they weren't willing to schedule me. I would rather stop taking my medication then continuing to go to this place. I have some advice to save you from the hassle I went through. If you have read my review, then please don't seek mental health services at Hillcrest. You can do much better and you deserve much better treatment.

Rating: 1

Aug 04, 2023

Place is a joke they screw people up on meds knowing from court documents it never helped them and treat thier client's badly putting hands on them including leting men who are client's bully sexualy harass females kissing them grabbing them hit them spit on them doesn't punish them uses thier disabilities as an excuse against the person who is attacked as a defense for them to keep doin it when they talk normal and know better staff dose not tell them no or to stop bunch of young idiots trying to play doctor young staff straight out of high-school who dont know what they are doing highly unprofessional they had a guy report he needed help and he ended up running away and killed himself they didn't go look for him. And i will be calling corporate and I highly recommend do not send you're Loved ones to this God awful place

Rating: 1

Angela Ward
Jun 12, 2023

I look forward to going to Hillcrest. I look forward to visiting with my provider. She is very up-to-date on my condition as though she studied it just for me. I am so grateful for her she has changed my life!

Rating: 5