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Arden Shore knows that stable, permanent homes are foundational for children’s present and future well-being. When children have what they need to reach their full potential, they become thriving adults and contribute to our communities in meaningful ways.

Arden Shore makes sure children can recover and rebuild from abuse or neglect by working closely with foster parents to provide a nurturing home and stable environment. We do things like assessing the child’s physical and emotional needs before placement, working with the biological parents when possible, and regularly checking in on the foster parents and siblings.

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care

Requirements to become a foster parent

You must meet minimum requirements to provide foster care for children in Illinois. To become a foster parent, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Attend foster parent orientation
  • Pass a background check
  • Finish 30 hours of foster parent training
  • Complete the Home Study
  • Provide at least three references
  • Clear a physical exam
  • Maintain financial stability

Foster families must be able to provide a safe and comfortable home for a child. You must provide room for the child to have a bed and enough space for personal belongings.

Foster parents do not need to be married or have a partner. However, if married, couples must show a stable marriage of at least one year before they can foster a child in Illinois.

Foster parents need to meet a child's basic care needs, such as providing meals and clothing. Foster families must also support a foster child's education and assist them in developing social skills.

Contact the DCFS or a local licensed child-placing agency to learn more or begin the fostering approval process.

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Natacha Rivera
May 13, 2023

I volunteered for the intact program in hopes to bring my family back together but instead they tore my family apart. They instigated so much drama between me and the father. Causing the kids to suffer, struggle, and be neglected. They dont do home visits, they meet and talk with kids at McDonald's and other local places. They don't care about unity or the best interests of the children. My kids where terrified and frighten from arden shore threats. They threaten our kids with foster care and threatened the kids saying they will bring hardship upon their parents. . I truly regret using they services. I pray to God he help me heal from the pain and heartache this place has brought to me and my family. I trusted them with our kids. Arden shore is full of lies and deception. They told community partners lies in regard to who was responsible for the kids best interests. Arden shore knows that both mom and dad have been responsible for the kids.they destroy the whole concept of co parenting. They have no moral or ethical standards and they make up their own rules. They told my daughter i had mental issues. Do not trust arden shore. They're not an honest company. Beware of their integrity. They discriminate.

Rating: 1

Jill Roznowski
Mar 31, 2023

They do not follow the laws of biological parents, mainly the mother's! I had constant consistent, full 3.5 year completed case with a year forced absence of zero, legally binding, DCFS policy & procedural laws to be obtained and met for the care of the children and reunification goals per title lV federal funding so that the agency is held to the fullest responsibility to ensure adequate and appropriate needs be met to preserve natural mother's and their children remain to be reunified as my case has severely corrupt, and neglected. I have had the ENTIRE DCFS laws of the policy guildlines null & void since Feb. 2022- to date, a year not seeing my kids, illegal withholding of all 3 of my children to be any contact as well as not a single code held in handbook under "reunification & permenancy goals & planning". This automatically constitutes a null & void case closed under federal laws. Under every law, be state of IL, natural, constitutional, civil rights, parental rights, fundamental rights etc. My kids need mom. They have no legal right to withhold and deny the goals and policy's and since that happens it can not be continued in the 19th judicial circuit court in Vernon Hills (seperate from Waukegan courthouse due to full blown corruption) I do want to add if ANY parents are in my shoes you have rights to legally take actions. They stole my 4 day old newborn claiming "emergency custody" by Jeanie Anderson, long documented and reported to Lindsay Johnson (fake attorney fired legally by myself for being a fraud and knowledge of being federally sued) Along with the agency itself, Ardenshore for violating every right of mine throughout this horrific and mental/physical damaging game to terminate parental rights and give a stolen baby to "foster mom's" who are set up ahead of time aware that one day that WILL be their adopted child. My son is almost 2 now, I know NOTHING about him! The cook county DCFS agency was to be jurisdictionally & legally responsible for the choices to be keeping my baby and they said they would never have done what Ardenshore did who was supervisor Christine Siwula & McHenry investigator, Jeannie Anderson who set up a plan two months prior to birth that Margaret be his mother. THAT IS KIDNAPPING AND IT IS ILLEGALLY DONE. THE HOSPITAL PROTESTED AND SIGNED LEGAL AFFIDAVITS & ATTESTATION IN WHICH THEY PUT THEIR LICENCE'S ON THE LINE TO ENSURE I KEPT MY NEWBORN AS IT IS AND WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO HIS AND MOTHER'S HEALTH AS WELL AS ZERO RISKS TO HIM BEING BEST STAY WITH HIS NATURAL MOTHER BREAST FEEDING AND BONDED! A week later foster parent Margaret fully denied my breast milk as if I had a great time sitting broken home pumping with no baby home. That is damaging!!! He has not been legally removed, nothing was legal. I never deserved anything I've been through and Ardenshore is fully responsible for allowing a child's molestation by her father I tried telling police 15x, Malory from CYN, and TWO DCFS workers of needs to flee which again mother legally are by law to be left to flee WITH HELP from their abuser which was their dad and my ex now in prison but is STILL ALLOWED ACCESS TO THIS CASE! Talk about mental & emotional damages!!! I'd like to warn all please DO NOT WORK HERE, DO NOT ACCEPT BEING A CLIENT HERE, REQUEST IMMEDIATELY TO HAVE DCFS OVERSEEING YOUR CASE AS THEY GIVE CASES HERE TO TERMINATE THEM, ALMOST ALWAYS UNLESS YOU'RE ONE OF THE LUCKY LIKABLE FEW. THEY WILL TAKE NEARLY ALL NEWBORNS, AND GIVE THEM TO "CHOSEN" FOSTERS. DO NOT FOSTER HERE PLEASE PLEASE THESE ARENT FREE GIVEAWAYS THESE ARE BABYS WHO HAVE MOTHER'S WHO DONT ALWAYS NEED TO HAVE TO ENDURE KIDNAPPING AND ALLOW ESPECIALLY THE LBGQA COMMUNITY TO HAVE CHILDREN! I AM BI! THEY SELECT THEM PER THEIR OWN PERSONAL CHOICES PERIOD. **VIEW THE REVIEWS, ITS ENOUGH TO PROVE THAT AS I EXPERIENCED IT NOW IM TELLING MY TRUTH WHICH FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS AND LIES UNDER OATH. PARENTS NEVER EVER ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS, LEGALLY YOU CAN AND NEED TO SUE AND ITS FREE UPON WAVER IN FEDERAL, civil, sue Agency violating right w/ tort.

Rating: 1

Robert Ingram (Bobby)
Sep 13, 2022

I have been in Arden Shore Group Home for Boys in the mid 80's, when it was a campus in Lake Bluff. Spent almost 2 years of my childhood there, it was an experience that ill never forget for the rest of my life. Staff back then abused us, had other group member slamming us on the ground to restrain the individual. But also had some good times there also.

Rating: 1

Sal DeMaria
Apr 14, 2022

Safiya Barnett was the best person to come out of this place, I couldn’t have succeeded without her.

Rating: 2

Ellen Hardy
Jan 06, 2022

I have a longer review with details but it won't show up for some reason.

Rating: 1