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Savio is licenced Foster Agency. Colorado needs between 500-100 additional temporary foster care homes to meet the need in our state. Savio specializes in licensing homes for foster youth and foster children who need a temporary home while it provides services to their biological family. The primary goal is family reunification.

Savio provides a unique level of training and support to foster families and foster children. We have refined the art and science of supporting our foster families, which includes:

Free pre-certification trainings for future foster parents

Holistic counseling and therapy programs for foster youth

Online and in-person foster family support groups

24-hour support line, giving foster families access to our deeply experienced staff at any time.

Throughout your fostering journey, we will support you while you support them!

Services and information

  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Other

Requirements to become a foster parent

You must meet minimum requirements to provide foster care for children in Colorado. Foster parents for children and families must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Maintain sufficient income to support a family
  • Have physical and mental capability to care for children and youth
  • Pass a child abuse background and criminal background check
  • Work with a treatment team and undergo future training
  • Complete a Home Study

Prospective foster families can contact a Colorado child placement agency or your local Department of Human Services. Social workers in these child welfare agencies will provide information about Colorado's child welfare system, foster care, and the adoption process.

Social workers recommended that other adults and children in your home agree to provide long-term home care, too. If everyone is ready to welcome a new child, your local agency will help your home become an approved foster home.

Ratings and Reviews

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2.5 / 5
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Whitney Hammond
Jun 15, 2023

This was arguably the most incompetent team of mental health "professionals" our family has ever worked with.

Rating: 1

Izzy Levy
Sep 29, 2022

You go to these places for help. What a joke. Don’t bother just put your kids in more activities and because this place will only steer you in the wrong direction and then take no accountability. Go somewhere else for services.

Rating: 1

Dark Sigil
Aug 29, 2020

My experience with Savio House was nothing but good. They helped me immensely on the tough road of sobriety and 4 years later, I'm still sober and have full custody of my son.

Rating: 5

Alayna Baillod
Feb 26, 2020

As a former employee, I do not recommend Savio’s services or employment to anyone. Horrifically unprofessional and not therapeutic.

Rating: 1

Alison Mae
Dec 10, 2019

My family and I have worked with Savio off and on for a while. We had great experiences with Most of our therapists except for our last therapist unfortunately... When you struggle with substance abuse or have a track record from the department, be prepared to be judged right off the bat. This therapist that we had the LAST time was HORRIBLE. She was a former CPS caseworker and it showed.

One time, I was tired from working three 12 hour shifts back to back. I honestly didn’t want to participate that day because I was tired to the max. **I was tired, not intoxicated** The therapist abruptly stood up and said “I can’t continue to work with you, when you’re not sober” and left. mind you: (this was family therapy, not individual therapy.) At any point did she ask me: “Are you ok?”, “you seem tired” “would you like to talk outside” or, “I will call you later to check up on you.” No, She wrongfully accused me of being under the influence when I in fact was not. She didn’t even continue the session with my children. Or, try to call me the following day to explain why she did what she did. Not OK.

Furthermore, I have never dealt with a therapist pointing their finger at me, and blatantly accusing me of something without asking. Therapists are supposed to be rational, understanding, empathetic, etc. Not, Judgmental and rude.. It was very hurtful and degrading. She handled herself very unprofessionally. She should stick to being a CPS caseworker since she likes to judge, Jump to conclusions without open communication, and point fingers without facts.

Those actions, cause more trauma and hardship on families and individuals. Real therapists should know that. That’s exactly what happened; More trauma and hardship because of her jumping to conclusions, and lack of communication and understanding.

Rating: 1