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Lilliput and Wayfinder Family Services merged in 2020 and as of 2023, will be known as Wayfinder Family Services. As Wayfinder Family Services, we will continue to stand in the gap and change the future, embracing the spirit of our name: we forge ahead, we find a way, whatever it takes. We are Wayfinder.
Wayfinder Family Services ensures that children, youth and adults facing challenges always have a place to turn. We strive for a world in which every child and family can overcome the obstacles they face—a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We stand up in support of equity and social justice, and we stand against injustice and racism. We strive to build an equitable world for our clients and staff. We seek to develop a deeper understanding of our children and families. We work to embed empathy into our decision-making, interactions, and action. We can’t do it alone and we must do it together. We work in partnership to address the holistic needs of children and families. We never give up. We will always be there for our children and their families and we are agile and forward-thinking. We continually seek out better ways to help children and families thrive.

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  • Kinship / Relative Care
  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized / Therapeutic Care
  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Respite Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Other

Requirements to become a foster parent

Many do not realize the need for new resource families in California. The number of foster kids outnumber the foster families who can provide short or long-term care. Foster advocates work hard to find places for these children, but it is not easy.

The latest 2021 report from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) report in California says there are:

  • 47,871 kids in California's foster care system
  • 22,892 who entered foster care
  • 15,386 foster kids awaiting adoption
  • California foster kids across all ages, with a median of 8 years
  • 33% whose foster child case plans include adoption

A child's median time in the California foster care system is over a year at 16.8 months. 13% spend 3-4 years in foster care.

California needs foster parents to take in multiple children if they have the time and energy to care for them. Sibling groups often need care, and it is essential to support these family bonds. In California, it is challenging to find homes for teenagers, though they need stable environments and reliable adults to support them.

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4.6 / 5
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Kelly C
Aug 23, 2022

I would absolutely not recommend using this agency to get approved for a kinship placement. They aren’t useful at all and don’t do anything to make your life easier. They make it feel like your family isn’t even your family just because they are in the system. There’s literally no reason to have a strangers advice or having to explain anything to them when it’s your own family. Hate hate hate this company.

Rating: 1

Debbie Douglas
Aug 28, 2020

Wasn’t short.. listen to my needs.. took information needed to assist me.. extremely professional on the phone.. looking forward to hearing from them

Rating: 5

Amber Gomez
Jul 25, 2019

I greatly appreciate the support and services provided to our family. The support group helps me to fill my cup so I can be a better caregiver.

Rating: 5

Theresa Wright
Jul 22, 2019

Love, helpfulness and compassion always!

Rating: 5

Taylor Kinney
Apr 10, 2019

I saw the children are a delight. The responsible caregivers were awesome.

Rating: 5